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"The Common Sense of the Wisdom Tree" Review (Posted on 05-12-2014)

No barcode/IBSN on this tape which tells me this is a rare one. However, it's a brilliant short film you shouldn't overlook, especially if you're into painting and animation.

The boy roams the forest, embracing the aesthetically breath-taking lush of nature and then begins talking to the tree—Wisdom Tree. Even though the Tree replies, it makes mention about how it cannot interact like humans do. It does, in fact, tell a great story and reason why trees and its value toward humanity shouldn't be taken for granted. The boy learns more and more about the materials and utilities we use made out of the trees—nearly all of which we use everyday. The tree also makes mention about it being cut down and being destructively wiped out, as it admits to casting natural disasters to retaliate from such destruction. As the boy lies by the tree, he becomes more and more appreciative about its beauty and purpose. He goes on to thank thank the tree and promises to spread the word about caring for them. As he goes back home, he writes about his plans to share the wisdom he learned from the tree knowing that we only have this one life to do it, and doing it before our life here on Earth is done.

Very simple story indeed. What makes this short film unique is that it's a poemation—a poetic presentation in the form of animation. What you see here is a graphically fluid flow from one scene to the next, and makes for a very relaxing viewing. The Wisdom Tree usually did all of the talking (played by a female) and informs the viewers everything about the tree and its everyday usage.

This may be going far, but when I hear "wisdom tree," I think of the third-party video game company that manufactured [unlicensed] Christian-themed games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Changing their company name from "Color Dreams" to "Wisdom Tree," that name-change didn't take place until the early nineties. According to video game historians, Wisdom Tree produced the very last video game for the NES as late as 1995. I doubt that the title and theme of this short film was inspired by the video game company's name, despite it's release in 1998. Although the film does not contain any religious messages, it's geared toward the environmentalist, which as you know, isn't a religion....or is it?! Nevertheless, I thought I mention so.

I'm not convinced that tree destruction is the reason natural disasters are here, but if scientists realize that if this is/was case, I can imagine the major adjustment we as a society have to make to counter it for the sake of saving lives! Then again, because we need these resources, that begs the question: were we welcomed on this planet in the first place? Seems like nature has it all covered the moment humans are finished living here. It's all theories beyond that point (though I firmly believe we'll all be in a better place).

Any of you looking to pursue animation of any kind shouldn't pass this classic short film up. In addition to learning about appreciating nature, you get a great work and artistry from a great animator. I'm not surprised this received a ton of awards for such great work.

I will finish with these excellent quotes from the film:

"Teach the people how to love the trees. Appeal to their senses, help them to see."

"Think of your lungs as the trees of your chest. And the source of your knowledge, what ever your quest."

"Music is eternal language of spirit and demotion. Many instruments are made of wood crafted with devotion."

- Wisdom Tree

"For the time we share on earth is brief. And I hope before it ends, we sit and listen to the trees—the trees are our true friends."
- Boy

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Title The Common Sense of the Wisdom Tree
Description Through poetic dialogue and stunning imagery, the Wisdom Tree enchants a hesitant boy into an understanding of the role that trees and the environment play to make life possible and the natural consequences of disrespecting Mother Nature.

From the natural gifts of air, wood, and food, to the nurturing of the human spirit, the Wisdom Tree's convincing appeal to the senses inspires, intrigues, captivates, and urges the boy - and all who experience the story - to a new appreciation of trees and the interconnections of all life.

Created by award winning animator Roger Blonder, this short animated film - inspired by a hurricane on a Hawaiian vacation gone awry - is a work of artistic passion over five years in the making.
ISBN / Bar Code number ????
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) / Full screen
Audio Format Hi-Fi Stereo
Tape Count One (1)
Genre Animation
Run Time Approx. 19 Mins. (actual time 19:04)
Language(s) English
Subtitles --
Closed Captioning None
Rated G (Suitable For All Ages)
VHS Release October 1999
Specification Color
Production / Company Poemation® Productions (www.poemation.com)
Product / Item Number ????
Copyright ©1998 Poemation® Productions. All Rights Reserved. Poemation Productions P.O. Box 1804 Agoura Hills, CA 91376, USA. www.poemation.com. email: wisdomtree@poemation.com
Other Formats ????
Quoted Reviews "The Common Sense of the Wisdom Tree has the power to speak to the hearts of those who hear or see it, in much the same way a direct experience of or in nature opens individuals hearts and changes their perspectives forever." - Andy Lipkis, TreePeople Founder and President
Other Roger Blonder's Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Blonder

Roger Blonder's official website: www.rogerblonder.com

"The Common Sense of the Wisdom Tree" Credits

A poemation by
Roger Blonder

Written, Produced, Directed, Painted and Animated by
Roger Blonder

Voice of the Wisdom Tree:
Laurie Walters

Voice of the Boy:
Roger Blonder

Music by
Carl Shurtz and Chris Anderson
based on themes by Roger Blonder

Roger Blonder & Vicki Giordano

Lead Character Animator:
Sunil Thankamushy

Special Thanks to
Renée Levine-Blonder

Support, Encouragement,
Patience and Nurturing
Renée Levine-Blonder
~You are my roots in every Sense
All of my thanks and love~

Lead Character Animator - Boy
Sunil Thankamushy

Roger Blonder & Vicki Giordano

Sound Design and Editing
Roger Blonder

Bunny, Eagle and Boy Animation
Brian Wells

Leaf and Worm Animation
Andrea Schultz

Character Animation Clean Up
Robert Rosen

Serpent Animation     J.C. Lowry
Bird Animation     Brett Hisey
Scanning and Mattting [sic]     Renée Levine-Blonder
Character Painting     Stacy Rhodes, Roger Blonder
Voice Over Acting Coach     John Slade
Recording Engineer-Music     Russ Castillo
Recording Engineer-Dialogue     Barry Paul
Music Recorded at     Icebone Studios
Audio Sweetening     Maayan Kuperstein
Final Mix     Carl Schurtz, Chris Anderson, Roger Blonder
Computer System Support     Maayan Kuperstein
Film Festival Coordination     Renée Levine-Blonder
Production Assistance     Fred Tatasciore, Matt Dusig, Laura Dicterow, Keith Sands, Brett Whitmer, Jazzbo
Image Transform     Four Media Corporation
Disaster Footage courtesy of     KARK TV, KENS TV
Software Donated by     MetaCreations, Avid Technologies

My deepest gratitude for the generous financial
and life support which made this film possible to:

Lloyd and Elaine Blonder
Dr. Nathan and Miriam Grover
The Lifebridge Foundation
Roger and Shari Hyman in memory of Alfred Hyman
Daniel and Bonnie Baruch
Steven, Susan and Allison Blonder
Daniel and Carol Aron
Phillip and Charlene Friedman
Nathan Euman - In Memory of Florence
Gloria and David Margulies
Max and Rae Friedman
Jack and Beth Lin
Dr. Melvin L. Sommer
Mr. and Mrs. Leon G. Lipkis
Judge Joseph A. and Mickey Wapner
Arthur and Jancie Gerry
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goldenberg
Mr. and Mrs. William Jury
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schultz

Special thanks to:
Jeremy and Vanessa Barnett     UCLA Animation Workshop
Tora and Kirk Smart     Dan McLaughlin
Paul Allen     Sunil Thankamushy
The Levine Family     Phil Denslow
Danielle and Shayna Levine     Mira Scharf
Darrin Margulies     Vicki Giordano
Julee Margulies     Robert Butchfield
Solomon Grover     Jim Valladao
Denise Kaufman     Dug Ward
Greg Kingston     Lorna Murdock-Holt
Harlan Margolis and Yvonne Zagala     Melody Meisel
The Brandeis Bardin Institute     Carol Romo
Alvin and Marilyn Mars     Lyle Hall
Arthur Pinchev     Trees For Life
Kenneth Halperin     Balbir and Treva Mathur
Jerry and Pearl Novorr     David Kimble
Benjy Harris     Andrew Soller
Amy Dickson     Chris Brown
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Larry Avid     Intelligent Media
Dave Riegler     Kichel and Ferdinand
Rich Yaker and Caryn Shalita     All of my friends and family

Loyola Marymount University
Thomas Kelly     Susan Engel
Patricia Oliver     Arlene Clendenin
Jan Present     Suzanna Frentz
Birute Vileisi     Christina Martinez
Alice Martini Doyle     John Base
Rhonda Green     Marea Kelley
Susan Lesser     Maureen O'Brien

Andy Lipkis     Diane Hunt
Maryrose Hopke     Kathryn Seiffert

Produced by Poemation® Productions
in association with
Loyola Marymount University
College of Communication and Fine Arts

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©1998 Poemation® Productions ∙ All Rights Reserved