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"Pokémon: Fashion Victims" [Vol. 09] Review (Posted on 12-01-2014)

Starting the volume off with the trailer for Pokémon: The Movie, Ash and folks arrive at Celadon City, a place filled with amazing aroma with Misty and Brock enjoying the nice fragrance. Brock runs into a window seeing three gorgeous clerks inside as Misty and Pikachu try out the fragrances. Ash doesn't like the idea of having a sweet scent, until the manager of the store, Erika, comes in and asks Ash if she's overpricing her products for customers.

"I meant ALL perfumes are a rip off 'cause all they do is turn guys into zombies."
- Ash

Let me guess: The CEO of Victoria's Secret, or 'Victoria' herself, just stopped being Pokémon fans after reading that (like it matters).

Erika tells off Ash about the importance of a good smell, telling Ash, "P for Pretty, E for Elegant, R for Radiant, F for Fun, U for Urbane, M for Mysterious [and] E for Energy." It wasn't long when Ash gets kicked out (literally) from Erika's fragrance store, getting up and heading to the city gym. Guarded by females, they disallow Ash's entrance despite him mentioning that perfumes are "stinky rip offs." Meanwhile, Team Rocket are out to hunt for the perfume's secret formula. During their search, Jesse runs into a Gloom who casts a nose-fiendish stench. James summons Koffing and has it cast Poison Gas but no good. Meowth tries to hold his breath along with James and Jesse because of Gloom's awful smell. Jesse reminds Meowth that he doesn't have a nose, as Meowth says the cartoonists never gave him a nose (haha!). Having been kicked out from the gym as well, TR try to untie themselves free until Ash runs into them. Uneasy about working with them since TR knows the way in, Ash offers to team with the duo to help him enter into the gym....as a girl (did Team Rocket snatch this idea from Aeris, who did the same with Cloud at Wall Market, from Final Fantasy VII?). Jesse and James act like his parents and introduces Ash to the gym crew as "Ashley." Using Ash to distract the gym crew, TR go on to try and steal the secret formula of the perfumes. Right when Ash enters in, Brock makes 'Ashley' welcome to Erika's presentations while 'Ashley' begins noticing familiar faces in the room. On the other hand, Erika answers Misty's question about how she and Gloom got along. After that, Misty and Pikachu senses that 'Ashley' seems someone she knows: it's Ash! Having screwed up the disguise, he demands a match; Erika accepts. The challenge is on: Ash summons Bulbasaur, Erika summons Tangela. Using Vine Whip, Bulbasaur loses with Tangela's Stun Spore! Ash then summons Primeape....but changes his mind, instead summoning Charmander! Erika summons Weepinbell. Ash gets Charmander to cast Flame Thrower—FULL BLAST! Afraid of getting burned, Weepinbell gets Skull Bash'd by Charmander! Erika loses, mentions why Ash isn't a great trainer because he lacks empathy with his Pokémon compared to her. With that, Erika summons Gloom! Before the match turns into a blood bath, TR crashes the party as Meowth detonates the TNT and Jesse takes their secret perfume formula! The gym is on fire and the fire department, filled with mostly beautiful women (better than men), team up to put out the fires. Ash summons Squirtle; Misty summons Staryu and Starmie; Brock summons Geodude to try and put out the flames. Erika lost Gloom and Misty stops her from going in, however, Ash decides to help out and goes in the burninggym anyway. Inside, Gloom casts its stink to sway away the flames, while Ash finds Gloom and tries to hold his breath as best as he could. Suddenly he realizes the smell is gone, finding that Gloom knew he was in there to save it. Outside, everyone is eager to know when Ash will be out. He comes out and saves Gloom! For that Erika awards the Rainbow Badge to Ash! What about the stolen secret formula? Not so secret anymore: Erika says it's a decoy and it's a bottle of Gloom's stinky scent, leaving TR cringing in discomfort!

"You can't judge a Pokémon by it's smell."
- Narrator

After obtaining a new badge, the trio find themselves in a city with very tall buildings—so tall, the sky could barely be seen. Brock says the place is "Hop Hop Hop Town?" Out of the blue, a woman runs and hugs Ash thinking it's her son Arnold. Mistaking Ash for her son, the woman talks about missing children who have been gone for three days. She points out the array of posters of the children which tell folks if they're ever found, report them immediately. Ash came to think that the woman reminds him of his own mother and offers to help the woman out. Starting off with the aid of the beautiful Officer Jenny, Brock gets the gang to the Pokémon Center to see if the folks know of the missing children. Asking Nurse Joy, Ash receives message that all the Pokémon in the infirmary are behaving strangely. Joy says it occurred exactly three days ago. Jenny believes this effect has ties with the missing children. Discussing the clues, Jenny's device goes off stating it's a sleep wave. Meanwhile, TR senses the sleep waves in hopes to steal that power; The team also admitted they need a vacation after all their tries in capturing Pikachu. The trio and Jenny follow the device's censors as its signal strength picks up at a building nearby. Entering in and going at the very top of the building, they find....a mansion atop the skyscraper. Without further ado, Ash and Brock run break into the mansion and finds a social gathering of upper class people who stare in surprise, let alone finding Drowsee and Hypno at the center of the room. A man step forward and admits it's Hypno casting the sleep waves as it evolved from Drowsee exactly three days ago. Ash says the sleep waves affected both the Pokémon and the people. Misty steps forward to see if the Hypno's hypnosis affects her. Hypnotized, Misty acts like Seel! She then runs away and goes into a park filled with the city's missing children! "'Pokémonitis'," says Brock. Jenny tries to wake them up but no good. The man talks about Drowsee's abilities and may be the one to wake them up....and does! Misty is back to normal, and without any time wasted, Ash carries Drowsee to help wake the kids up. Once again, TR crashes in. Jesse holds a mirror in front of Hypno to cast hypnosis. Hypno does and begins to fall asleep when the mirror deflects its hynposis, until Drowsee comes in and breaks the mirror. Jesse and James uses a whip to capture and tie up Drowsee and Hypno but Misty summons Staryu to cut the whips; Ash summons Pidgeotto and casts Gust to sweep TR away! Back to the park, Drowsee then wakes all the kids up from the hypnosis....and successfully does! Pikachu also wakes up and the woman reunites with her son Arnold. The trio also takes Drowsee to the Pokémon Center to wake the Pokémon up as well.

"Sometimes I wonder what the Pokémon dream about."
- Misty

Nurse Joy says all Pokémon are back to normal, all except a lone Psyduck. The duck then follows the trio, and having learned it's a water Pokémon, Ash suggests Misty take the cute little thing. Misty trips and loses a PokéBall to which Psyduck enters in! Misty now has acquired Psyduck! Don't you love a happy hilarious ending?

Third and final episode of this volume is going to strike fiery debates. The trio walk along "Scissor Street" known as "Breeder's Lane." Brock immediately finds this is where his knowledgeable strength is at. They find a salon that beautifies Pokémon, and looking at the salon's "models," you'll find this is run by Team Rocket. Roaming and browsing, Brock finally finds the store he's been looking for run by the beautiful Suzie: a Pokémon massage parlor! Introducing themselves, Misty finds Suzie's Vulpix napping on a throne. Misty picks it up....and gets burned by Vulpix in the face! Holding his excitement, Brock goes on to inform Misty and Ash about Suzie's successes, from winning awards to acquiring over 10,000 [unique] visitors on her website. At a table, Pikachu dines on Brock's food. Vulpix comes in and tries Brock's food....and likes it! Misty asks Suzie about the fashion salon, ran by Team Rocket, and what their business success brings them. Suzie blossoms a simple fact that inner beauty is what brings a Pokémon's true self out.

"A good breeder is always trying to bring out a Pokemon's inner strength and personality, but this new fad is about standing out, not what's inside."
- Suzie

Misty went on to argue that outer beauty has its place and can count too. While Ash and Misty argue yet again, Brock pushes Suzie not to reject her beliefs about inner beauty and to continue on her philosophy and inject it into her work. Suzie then gives a public demonstration of a Pokémon massage stating that communication between it and its trainer can play a huge role, especially after a rough battle. Ash then demonstrates as Pikachu is enjoying the vanity. Very slowly, TR's salon is running out of customers leaving them with just one: Misty and Psyduck. Instead of Psyduck, Jesse and James give Misty a makeover, and Misty likes what she sees in the mirror! Overdoing her makeover, Meowth warns Jesse and James to stop the beautifying when Misty realizes it's, yes, Team Rocket. Tying her up, Psyduck runs into Suzie's public demo and warns Ash and Pikachu about Misty being in trouble, as the duo then run to try and get Misty back. The crew run into the salon to see Misty tied up while Ash and Brock hold their laughter seeing what happened to Misty's face. Team Rocket, reciting their fashion-modified motto, accepts to challenge. Koffing and Ekans use their beauty to deflect the attack from Geodude and Pikachu! Vulpix then comes in and casts Fire Spin! Team Rocket loses and blast off again, but Misty also gets burned! Suzie shakes Brock's hand thanking him for following her beliefs and sticking by her thoughts, gaining confidence in what she learned and continues to do so. Out of kindness, Suzie offers Vulpix to Brock! As Ash laughs at Misty's makeover, a flood of customers chase after Team Rocket to get their money back!

The volume ends with credits, commercials for Pokémon on the Nintendo Game Boy, Ranma 1½, The Dog of Flanders, and The New Adventures of Kimba: The White Lion. No PokéRap was featured on this volume.

The first episode of this volume seems quite simple: show empathy—feelings to one another, in this case, with Pokémon. Psychologists find this lacking in brains of cold-blooded killers. However, connecting with Pokémon, or pets, we gradually learn that domesticated animals like dogs and cats understand what we tell them, what we tell them what to do and what no to do. No wonder why dogs and cats are a huge hit in the realm of internet videos.

The second episode is something many scientists are still trying to demystify. Why do we have dreams when we sleep? What do they mean? The simple, yet likely first answer, may be that dreaming of a particular situation, moment, item, place and/or person is a message that could tell you what you've been undergoing recently. Some may say these dreams are signs of what is going to happen in the future, BEFORE it even starts. We've all had dreams like that before. I personally didn't believe it....until it actually happened, so since then I began paying more attention to my dreams. Spiritualists say that dreams are also an opportunity to reconnect with passed loved ones, how they're doing, what they're doing and what they're trying to tell you. An example would be a woman who said her late grandfather warned her of a likely miscarriage during her pregnancy, and she mentions that that dream occurred weeks/months before she was due to give birth to her newborn. However, because dreams feel so real, like living a dual life, the actions we pursue in our dreams can also control us in this life. This is why we talk, mumble, move or even jolt during our sleeping/napping. Because scientists don't want to touch the borders along the religious and supernatural, its cause still has yet to find a solid answer (as successful as science has been, we all know it can't, and will be unable to, answer everything isn't it?). Tying that with hypnosis, there are some famous, or not, hypnotists that get regular people on stage, hypnotizes them and makes them do crazy, obscene things on stage. While it is funny to watch, I'm a bit skeptical as these folks may have been pre-selected and have been told to act silly on stage purposely. If it was real, it's only a matter of time someone uses hypnosis as a defense against someone who picked a fight with them, and/or to control a woman who doesn't feel the same as they do making them do vile things in their favor. Yes, you heard it here.

As said earlier, the third episode of this volume will anger fashion majors/designers and makeup artists all over the world. It's the age-old debate: inner beauty counts more than outer beauty. And while most men find this a difficult discussion without sounding hypocritical, this brings about one thing: us men are visual folks, perhaps more than women. So if one were to show a man pictures of female celebrities compared to "regular" girls, it's no surprise the man might say the celebrities featured are prettier than the "regular" ones. Depending on where and who they grew up, and depending on their knowledge of celebrities (celebrity gossip isn't the manliest hobby a guy could partake in), there are some who may try to define what's beautiful about the "regular" girls. Thanks to social media, the message about girls unable to be slim, and or beautiful as [insert your beautiful female celebrity crush], we men find that the girls we meet daily are the same as us men: we're both not as beautiful as the folks in magazines. However, a lot of women get suckered into a false sense of security reading these magazines like a bible, telling them how to act toward men, how to make themselves hot, when the best time to have sex is, how to look hot in sneakers instead of high heels....the list is endless. While some girls argue that men push women at a high pedestal, pressuring them to look beautiful and walk firmly in high heels, it's no question that looks are still an issue; Same with men who have some pressure looking fit, nice hair, being tall and so on. To bust this issue, let's use the cool Tiny Fey as an example. If you search and find her early pictures during her school days, you—the men—may not think much on the way she looks. Having grown up and beautifying her hilarious self, becoming the star of a skin care commercial, you'll realize that although she looks amazing, her inner self hasn't changed as she is funny, witty and does the best Sarah Palin impression ever. A friend of mine said, yes, looks matter, but looks change. Seeing that statement containing some logical truth to it, that brings one question: if supermodels, "mean girl" types, socialites and the popular hotties love sporting their sexy looks, how do they really look like without makeup? Most men conclude that girls without makeup define true beauty, while some girls admit they feel uncomfortable without makeup that they dare don't show it to anyone, not even their boyfriend/husband. Knowing that the one you attract may be the one you'll spend the rest of your life with, you'll realize how they look first thing in the morning. Do they have a career to look forward to, a funny personality, or is brainy and intelligent to backup that "natural" face? Some picky men break up with girls if they ever gain weight, or if they find they're not as hot as they thought when they see them without the nice dresses, sexy makeup and/or high heels. Quite a transformation, isn't it, gentlemen?
Who's That Pokémon? Answers:
Ep.025 - Gloom
Ep.026 - Psyduck
Ep.027 - Vulpix

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Ash needs help to get into the sweet-smelling Celadon Gym, so he turns to Team Rocket for help?! Then, all the town's kids are acting like Pokémon? Will Psyduck be a help or a big headache? Next, a beautiful Pokémon breeder is Brock's dream girl, but she's being driven out of business by the latest Pokémon fashions courtesy of Team Rocket! Which will win in the end, style of substance?
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