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"Mervyn's California Grand Opening!" Review (Posted on 04-29-2018)

In my lifetime, I have relocated with my family five times in three different cities here in California. After sorting out our SHOWSOTROS! VHS video tape collection, I'm amazed that this has survived for more than twelve years. Witnessing its doors closing, I wonder if this review may give the Mervyn's family a re-consideration launching their online business again. Granted, there's a lot of competition but perhaps a name brand like Mervyn's may entice shoppers who want better deals.

Personally, I was too young to recall shopping at Mervyn's so I don't remember how the service was like and the quality of the products.

The video fades in with the voiceover talking to a female voiceover named "Carolyn." Thinking it was just an archived commercial, it's two people talking about the new opening of Mervyn's at the Galleria in Sunset. I looked up where this may be located, and while it's supposed to open in Los Angeles, California, the store was opening at Henderson, Nevada. How did it end up in our mailboxes in California, where I was living? Not sure.

Galleria at the Sunset at Henderson, Nevada
(SOURCE: Google Maps; Image by Adam V.)

It's 2018 currently, but I'm guessing the property owners of this Galleria may not remember the time they had Mervyn's, nor the turnout it had when it was open.

This grand opening was scheduled at February 28 on Wednesday. Their specials include the following: Levi's for women, KEDS for everyone, Lee for girls and Cannon Royal Family. Included is 60% off fine jewelry (remember the days of huge discounts?).

Then comes the part I thought would never get mentioned on the video: Bring the tape to have recycled and you get a 10% coupon on your first transaction, and another 20% off jewelry. That means you get a total of 80% off jewelry! Apparently turning in this VHS tape will also enter you in to a sweepstakes where you may win an authentic, autographed script from the popular soap opera The Young and the Restless. Also, the sweepstakes include trips to Universal CityWalk/Studios and CBS. I have a question: Why can't retail shops do contests like that anymore? How about winning tickets to Disneyland or Warner Bros. Studio Tours? If you work for upper management at a large retail chain, take note of this. It's time you reward long-time, loyal customers with something for their trouble. There's a good reason why they spend their hard-earned money for your business.

It doesn't stop there, as the first 500 customers to show up get a free t-shirt with the logo merv. on it. Avid shoppers reading this are likely drooling for all this promotion. I hear you, folks; What happened to large rewards and deals like this? Once again, I was too young to remember the regular prices that Mervyn's sold their items for, so I can't comment on that.

There's no webpage or auction websites where someone is currently selling this, so as a courtesy to you fans/visitors, I recorded and uploaded the whole video on here:


This tape is a huge trip back in the mid-nineties, recalling the times when promoting new items, new promotional deals and new businesses on VHS tape was the thing to do. Remember those AOL discs that guaranteed you 1,000 hours of free internet? Some people have kept them, abused them, played with them and probably used them as coasters. I didn't shop at Mervyn's as often so it's no question this VHS survived for more than ten years. Still, seeing the camera shots of the retail store itself sure triggered a lot of memories. Oh, and I can't imagine Universal Studios back then compared to today, though the King Kong mural was shown, and is still there today.

Promotional tapes like this may not be collectibles but they served a purpose, and it was an interesting way to market business. Nowadays, it's advertising via third-party user tracking, be it on TV, radio or internet.

I highly doubt that [retail] companies may resort to this kind of marketing, but with features like mail-in orders, loyal customers could have access to rare items that are never sold online or in stores. Nevertheless, many folks whose expertise is in marketing will find this a fascinating item on how companies tried attracting potential customers to show up at their front doors. How about sending everyone free DVDs on secret Black Friday deals that no one will ever know about? Oh, wait, that won't happen because if it did, we'll post and review it here; Other folks will upload that video online to remind everyone else who found that very video. In contrast, it may cost too much to produce and may be a bit of a nuisance.

As for the video itself, I found it corny that two voiceovers are conversing where one is being informed about Mervyn's and its opening deals. I thought it was a full-on commercial that has yet to air on TV. Also, no credits at the end of the video.

Being the first promotional tape to be reviewed here at SHOWSOTROS!, many of you, who have held onto your VHS tape library, may want to do some digging to see what other tapes you have kept to show how companies executed their marketing strategies.

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