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Kathie Lee's "Rock n' Tots Cafe - A Christmas 'Giff'" Review (Posted on 12-23-2013)

I wouldn't have been able to guess that the beautiful Kathie Lee Gifford starred on her own children's series. I must admit, the intro song of the show is quite catchy but fun.

The video starts with four advertisements: Gumby: The Movie, The Magic School Bus and The Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley. Included was an address of Mary Kate &s Ashley's Fun Club:

859 Hollywood Way
Suite 275
Burbank, California 91505 (U.S. Funds only)

Wow, okay. The fourth is an ad for KidSongs (remember them?). Folks today would likely relate their cover songs with Kidz Bop—all of whom produced kids versions of popular chart-topping hits.

Kathie then pops up singing the intro song of the show, along with the characters Moochie the Mouse, Giff the Bear, Duke the Juke and the Paw. Along with her are kids dancing and singing along as well, with the cafe emulating rides you'd find at a playground. Then there's a shot of Today's Special, but instead of delicious comfort food and drinks, it's a list of Christmas songs to be sung and performed.

As Kathie gets the kids to decorate for Christmas, she asks what's best about this amazing holiday. The brown-haired girl says, "I love Christmas vacation. No homework!" Well, at our age, scratch off the prefix "home-" and there you go; I'd agree. Kathie asks what the true meaning of Christmas is, as they gather up and sing "Jingle Bell Rock." During the instrumental break of the song, notice the girls are doing the twist (that'll make Chubby Checker smile), and some did the locomotion; Kathie took time to dance with Giff the Bear.

After, Giff tries to figure out what to give Kathie as a present for Christmas. Moochie gave Giff a wake-up call, and shouldn't give things that he likes, but instead, should be giving Kathie what she likes (whew!). Transitioning into the song "Deck The Halls," the scene features families entering a house and setting up lights, the tree and more for the holiday season.

Next, Kathie hauls in a Christmas tree getting the kids to help decorate it. The next song "Jingle Bells" is sung, featuring footage of kids throwing snowballs, playing the snow, building a snowman and sledding. Back to the cafe, Kathie had this to say:

"You know it just occurred to me: Christmas is a whole lot like one of these cookies. Christmas is made up of all kinds of wonderful ingredients that are really great all by themselves. But when you mix them all together, turns into something really fantastic."
- Kathie

Sounds good to me, Kathie. Then she begins singing the hip-hop version of "'Twas The Night Before Christmas." Hey Kathie, and other music composers, I found this to be cheesy. It's like that rapping part from the 2010 version of the hit song "We Are The World." Some lyrical messages become clearer when sung and presented in a specific way. What way is that? I'm not a musician, but, say, rapping about helping the poor don't go well together, nor will the audience take the lyrical message seriously. You might as well play metal music at a wedding. Anyhow, a hip-hop version of a Christmas song may not fit well with some.

While Paw shows what a one-paw applause sounds like, the song "Up On The Roof" is sung as the kids perform in the snow without Kathie. Then comes the golden question: What's better than anything? Answer: Sharing things with special people you care (if you ask me, I would say Love).

Then Kathie gathers the kids again to talk about Christmas. It is the birthday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ&8212;the son of God. While the kids make promises on what they'll do to become a better person, as one girl said "I'll listen to my mom," the song "Away In A Manger" is sung.

"The best gifts of all come from your heart."
- Giff the Bear

Finally, the song "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" is sung with nice choreography. Notice Kathie giving Giff a kiss under the mistletoe. Then Kathie sings the outro song of the show, as it ends with credits.

After, there are ads for the series There Goes An Airplane/Firefighter/Bulldozer/Truck/Train/Police Car/Spaceship/Racecar/Boat live action video, and the second is an ad for Real Animals. I don't know about you, but doesn't the host of that show look like Melanie Paxson—that girl from the Gladware® commercials?

Being that this was released in 1995 might make some kids feel this feature video was resurrected from the dusty archives, where no one has touched for years. However, this video does pack some fun and is great for the family. And those of you who adore Kathie Lee Gifford, I'm sure this little project of hers slipped through your eyes during its original release. Doubtful former co-host Regis Philbin would've pitched in and make a random appearance. It's alright, that's my final answer, Regis.
"Thank you Paul and Susan for coming up with such a rockin' concept."
-Kathie Lee

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Kathie Lee's "Rock n' Tots Cafe - A Christmas 'Giff'" Profile Info

Title Kathie Lee's "Rock n' Tots Cafe - A Christmas 'Giff'"
Description Join Kathie Lee Gifford—one of America's favorite personalities—for a special kids' Christmas at the swingin' Rock n' Tots Cafe™!

Kathie Lee introduces you to the whole Rock n' Tots crew including Moochie the Mouse, Giff the Bear, Duke the Juke, and the Paw, who show you a rockin' and rollin' good time as they learn what the Holiday Season really means. Naturally, they do it the Rock n' Tots way—with loads of fun and plenty of singing and dancing.

Kathie Lee and the Rock n' Tots crew dish up musical delights with Christmas classics like "Jingle Bell Rock," "We Wish You A Merry Christmas," "Jingle Bells," "Away In A Manger," "Up On The Housetop," and a hip-hop version of "'Twas The Night Before Christmas."

You'll also sing original songs (soon to be toe-tapping favorites!) like "The Rock n' Tots Cafe™," and "What's Better Than Anything."

It's a swingin' Rock n' Tots Christmas the Kathie Lee way—heartfelt, sincere, and...a bit wacky. So, c'mon in!
ISBN / Bar Code number 1-56832-544-4 / 0 8536-53600-3 7
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) / Full screen
Audio Format Hi-Fi Stereo (DOLBY B NR -- On Linear Tracks)
Tape Count One (1)
Genre Family / Children's
Run Time Approx. 30 Mins. (actual time 42:30)
Language(s) English
Subtitles --
Closed Captioning None
Rated G (Suitable For All Ages)
VHS Release September 26, 1995
Specification Color
Production / Company Vision Media and Kathie Kids, Inc.
Product / Item Number 53600-3
Copyright © 1995 Rock n' Tots Joint Venture. A Production of Vision Media and Kathie Kids, Inc. Created by Paul Taublieb & Susan Cooper. Distributed by KidVision, a division of Warner Vision Entertainment. A Warner Music Group Company. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA. Rock n' Tots Cafe and all logos, character names, and other distinctive likenesses thereof are the trademarks of Rock n' Tots Joint Venture. For non-commercial private exhibition in homes only. Any public performance, other use or copying is strictly prohibited. Dolby and the double-D are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
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Kathie Lee's "Rock n' Tots Cafe - A Christmas 'Giff'" Credits

Executive Producers

Kathie Lee Gifford
Paul Taublieb & Susan Cooper

Produced and Created by
Paul Taublieb & Susan Cooper

Ron Andreassen

Associate Producer
Debby Young

Directed by
Ron Andreassen

Written by
Hillary Hinkle
Linda Engelsiepen

Consulting Producer
Jim Vidakovich

Set, Character and
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Debby Young

Executive in Charge
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Music Produced by
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Voice: Frank Gifford
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Robert Flanagan

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Michael Anthony Thomas

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Kathie Lee Gifford's Hair
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Kathie Lee Gifford's Make-Up
Michelle Champagne

Additional Hair and Make-Up
Eric Fluke

Children's Casting by
The Children's Casting Company
Yvonne Van Orden
Dorothy Devlin

Edited by
Ron Andreassen

On-line Editors
Cheryl Campsmith
Ray Miller
Mike Satterfield

Production Facility

Remote Facility
FLF Films
First Take Productions
Pam Miller/
Innovative Images

Post Production Facility
Complete Post, Inc.

Special Thanks to
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Discovery Preschool & Day Care
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Alpine Meadows Ski Area
Alpine Meadows Stables

Project Inspired by
Zev Cooper Taublieb

Produced by
Vision Media
Kathie Kids, Inc.

©1995 Rock n' Tots Joint Venture

"Thank you Paul and Susan
for coming up with such a
rockin' concept."
-Kathie Lee