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"Genuine Marathon® Sod" Review (Posted on 05-05-2018)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Alright, so this promo tape wasn't actually free judging by the small price tag on the cover. I honestly don't remember showing up at Marathon Sod asking my parents to snatch this VHS, so how I saved this for years still remains a mystery. Besides that, during my youth, our family did become customers as they have top quality grass ready to plant. Their service was prompt, diligent and simply amazing.

As for the tape, it's a perfect program to air as an infomercial on TV. Given that this is over 20 minutes, it fits perfectly for that sort of purpose. Why? Majority of the video is how reputable the company is and how top-notched the grass they provide is, being in business since the seventies. From then, you get testimonials, reviews and what keeps Marathon Sod running up to this day. It's not until near the end of the tape when the host finally walks through steps in applying your fresh, new sod into your yard. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Kill old lawn
Step 2: Remove dead lawn
Step 3: Rototill soil
Step 4: (????)
Step 5: Rake soil
Step 6: Roll soil
Step 7: Fine grade
Step 8: Fertilize
Step 9: Lay sod
Step 10: Water lightly & roll

That's no typo: They missed Step 4. Perhaps they forgot or they thought the provided steps was enough to even out at ten. The step originally was making sure your sprinkler system provided an even amount of water all throughout your lawn. The fact that it wasn't written in text could confuse some people.

Then they provide tips on the time and weeks on when to water your new sod:

Week 1: 7 am, 11 am, 2 pm
Week 2: 7 am, 2 pm
Week 3: 7 am

Certainly a lot of responsibilities for your lawn, but we already knew that. Then again, this is a VHS review, and not a review of the sod.

I'd always watch this video whenever we're about to come home from school and continue applying the sod. Sadly, one part of our lawn turned brown very quickly as the roots became fresh food for ants. It's not Marathon Sod's fault but that was what transpired. Still, learning about grass and keeping them healthy was a fun thing to know. I'm sure P. Allen Smith is reading this and smiling.

Besides the lack of clearly mentioning a step 4, this has TV infomercial written all over it. The presentation was done well, the editing was simple and consistent and stuck to the topic the entire time. This is another memorable promo tape especially if you currently reside, or previously lived, in southern California, thus making this a very exclusive tape.

Have you used Marathon Sod before/currently? Let us know in the comments section!

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