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Dick Clark's "Best of Bandstand: The Superstars" [Vol. 2] Review (Posted on 09-06-2013)

I hear you: you've all gotten sick of overplayed tracks of today such as "Gangnam Style" and "Blurred Lines," and being bombarded by egregious drama by artists like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Worse, you'd scoop your eyeballs out than seeing more bizarre fashion by Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha and Lady GaGa. Don't feel bad. The quality of music today continues to decrease, much like the movie industry having revamped some older classic films either twisting the story, continuing the story and/or re-releasing it in 3D. Like professional sports leagues, there is money to be made right?

Here it is: Dick Clark's Best of Bandstand - The Superstars (Volume Two)—a review for the world to see as our direct response to the modern day, mainstream music hits on the radio/internet/iTunes. In addition, it is also a tribute to one of my favorite television people I've highly respected, especially when he hosted Bloopers and The $100,000 Pyramid: the late Dick Clark.

As you may have guessed, this features one of the top hits and moments that shined on the Dick Clark production American Bandstand. Ten hits by ten wonderful musical artists that have reached musical success in their careers, all of whom have clean-cut looks without the snazzy makeup and wearing shoes worth $21 octillion dollars. Even though I'm in my mid-20s, this is certainly my favorite music to listen to (thanks Mom and Dad!).

The video begins with funny clips from "The Dick Clark Show." Then it's on to the music. Music videos were almost unknown back in the fifties and sixties so here features all their live performances, singing songs humanity will never forget on American Bandstand.

1. "At The Hop" by Danny and the Juniors (1958)
The song starts with shots of people dancing together, looking like a high school dance. Then it transitions to shots of the audience and more people dancing outside. Also includes occasional shots of the group singing to the song. An incredibly fun song to snap your fingers to.

2. "Baby Love" / "Stop In The Name Of Love" by The Supremes (1965) performed at Big Bear Lake, CA
The trio perform at a balcony outside the cabin as the audience screams in excitement for the ladies. Hey Diana Ross, I like your hair!

3. "Lonely Teardrops" by Jackie Wilson (1959)
Another true classic live performance, with Jackie performing on stage with a flight of stairs in the background. I've always liked this song, and I often hum to this song whenever I hear it. Timeless.

4. "Who's Sorry Now" by Connie Francis (1958)
I don't hear this song very often but it isn't too bad. Prior to the performance, Dick Clark draws clown features on a kid's face in the audience, then transitioning to Connie who's performing with someone dressed as a clown right by a mirror. She also helps the person apply the makeup to finish the clown getup, to comply with the lyrics of the song. As she applies it, she finishes with her lyric: "I'm glad you're sorry now".

5. "Big Girls Don't Cry" by The Four Seasons (1966)
The gentlemen perform 'round an audience clapping to the song. Seems they performed atop a building, the background being a parking lot and another building. Other than that, it's a classic song featuring Frankie Valli's famous falsetto.

6. "Oh, Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison (1966)
Roy performs on stage in front of a glittery curtain, wearing his infamous thick-bordered glasses. After performing, Dick Clark briefly interviews him about his upcoming work. He's traveling to Los Angeles (Hollywood) to appear in a movie about the Civil War titled, "The Fastest Guitar Alive."

7. "Don't Worry Baby" by The Beach Boys (1964)
How could I forget: I found this song watching VH1 Classic, when they played the music video for this song. It featured compiled clips of folks at the beach interspersed with the guys singing to the song, emulating an actual music video. Here is the live uncut, unedited version of their hit song—one of my personal favorites from the gentlemen. During the interview, Mike Love told Dick that they just got back from Australia and New Zealand, saying it's not as modernized as the US.

8. "Ain't That Good News" by Sam Cooke (1964)
Sam performs in front of a tree, wooden fence and a mailbox. After the performance, he talks with Dick saying he's been in business for six years (at the time) and he first began recording in 1957.

9. "Tall Paul" by Annette Funicello (1959)
This performance features Annette singing as a puppet with Dick Clark in control of the strings.

10. "I Want You Back" / "ABC" by The Jackson 5 (1970)
(This one's for you, Michael, and the rest of the Jackson family.) Performs with the band as usual, and is the only musical performance on this tape shown in full color! Dick briefly talks with a young Michael Jackson, who introduces the members of the group. At that time, he states he's only been singing for three years and was nine years old. He has three sisters, one of them as you know is Janet Jackson, and six brothers. One of his inspirations? The Beatles, the Delphonics and Three Dog Night—all major musical acts during that era.

I don't about you, but with this VHS tape, my Saturday nights are complete. Why drop by a club knowing they'll play music so loud, you'll be deaf before you think of dancing, when you can jam to brilliant, ear-friendly, classics like these? I just was never a fan of today's music, and no matter how much I avoid them, television, radio and many other mediums, find a way to slip today's hits into my brain like a parasitic virus. The quality of music isn't the same anymore; it's now all about money and ego—whoever has more is considered the best artist of America. Beautiful.

However, you won't get that with this. Memorable performances, sleek music and great artists looking modest as ever. It'll make you wish you were a nonconformist having discovered such golden oldies, regretting the fact you should've spent time listening to these instead of the two-note, rhythmic torture of modern day. I'm serious.

This tape hasn't been re-released on DVD whatsoever making this a very rare tape. I assure you: you will enjoy this volume.

Mr. Dick Clark, and King Michael Jackson, we will always remember you gentlemen. Sincere thanks for your contribution and timeless entertainment. You will never be forgotten.

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© 2008-2019 written and reviewed personally by Kris Caballero.

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Title Dick Clark's Best of Bandstand
Volume Title Volume #02: The Superstars
Description IT'S GOT A GREAT BEAT,

Dick Clark presents another superstar collection of rare, non-stop hits which have not been seen since the original broadcast dates.

DICK CLARK has searched The Bandstand® archives and hand-picked this second volume of classic performances and interviews, collected in their original form from American Bandstand®, Where the Action Is and THE DICK CLARK SHOW.

Digitally re-recorded for highest quality sound, DICK CLARK'S BEST OF BANDSTAND®: THE SUPERSTARS features ten historic performances including the Jackson 5, in their American Bandstand® debut!

The Supremes-"Baby Love" / "Stop In The Name Of Love" (1965)
Jackson 5-"I Want You Back," "ABC" (1970)
The Beach Boys-"Don't Worry Baby" (1964)
Roy Orbison-"Oh, Pretty Woman" (1966)
The Four Seasons-"Big Girls Don't Cry" (1966)

Danny and the Juniors-"At The Hop" (1958)
Jackie Wilson-"Lonely Teardrops" (1959)
Connie Francis-"Who's Sorry Now" (1958)
Sam Cooke-"Ain't That Good News" (1964)
Annette Funicello-"Tall Paul" (1959)

Don't miss the original DICK CLARK'S BEST OF BANDSTAND® (Catalog #1028),
featuring rock legends Buddy Holly, Bill Haley and his Comets,
Jerry Lee Lewis and many others—available wherever video is sold.
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VHS Release October 28, 1987
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