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Terms of Use/Service
Enterprised by KC Universal™, SHOWSOTROS!™ Productions openly provides independent writing, video production, sports graphics discussions, photography and reviews as a means for reference, pure entertainment and/or for purchase guides (via reviews). All individual work has been done as a "service" contrasting with the founder's passion for the artistry in which such website was originally launched. Because user and audience participation has been provided in complying with such service, viewers/readers must obey the rules and service terms regardless of any changes/updates in the terms noted in the website's information. Any disagreements with the usage terms and service whatsoever will not be given the time and/or day to "curve" in such way that satisfies the disappointed user, therefore must simply stop using the service, no questions asked.

Privacy Policy
You, as user, viewer, reader and/or commenter, can freely watch, view and comment on any such content brought by this website. Users must note that any copying, distributing and/or duplicating without full permission will be found and legal action will be taken if so. Any comments posted on videos, albums, reviews and or anything shared on this website will be read and are all monitored by the author. Comments containing attacks toward the author and/or anyone else will simply be removed and banned form the website and anywhere else. Such misconducts to slander, impersonate, provide false information, posting [fake] threats, sexual threats, hateful comments toward a particular race/nationality/group/minority, character defamation, stalking and/or harassing the host and/or other users in general, posting personal information of anyone without explicit content, attempting to collect and/or share personal data, sharing content that may cause viruses and/or malware in an act to attack and to spam the service and/or other online users and unauthorized junk messages, chain mail, pyramid schemes, advertising or any other solicitation, will not be tolerated and will not be welcome. If possible, legal action will be taken.

Note that any user posting on showsotros.com does not reflect opinions, thoughts, critiques and/or otherwise from the founder, nor does it represent/reflect any such philosophical claims that this website's purpose was intended for. Recount that any users posts and/or emails sent goes directly to the author/founder and will not be shared and disclosed to any other third party advertiser and/or website. Visitation is always tracked and any user violating our service in any way will be taken in to consideration and back traced.

Please report the violations to support@showsotros.com.