Warner Bros. Studios - Gate 11: The Ranch (taken March 24, 2018)

This is likely the most secluded part of Warner Bros. Studios, whether you work for the company or not (unless, of course, you work over at the Ranch itself). I was always wondering what more WB has here, but fortunately, that mystery has been solved: this place was the place where they shot the introduction for the hit sitcom Friends. You likely recognized that water fountain; Yes, that is it.

Friends intro with fountain
(The Friends intro featuring the fountain.)

Besides a couple of CW, WB Animation offices and a couple of stages where The Middle are shot, there's not too much. Still, it's worth taking a look at.

Oh, and they have that large "THE WB" light logo that I had to take a picture with. I grew up seeing that on TV—seeing the WB Frog named "Michigan J. Frog" on weekends. I always see him with that WB logo during commercials reminding viewers, like me, that I was watching WB Kids (I'd be watching Pokémon with my sister).

If you're one of the fortunate ones to gain access, I'd check it out!

(Special thanks to Vivian Gould for the tour! Visit her website at www.vivianrosegould.com.)

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