Korean Festival (taken October 06, 2012)

A trip to a festive event I've always wanted to dive in: the annual Korean Festival (2012)! Filled with goodies for sale, free samples, tons of booths, lively entertainment and delicious food, it most certainly is the place to be.

After our walking and talking and meeting up with the group members, direct from meetup.com, we relaxed and had the most wonderful lunch and dessert one wouldn't mind packing their stomach with. The odd, but amusing, part of my exploration was a few Korean folks thought I was Japanese; I also had a nice chat with a Korean girl who asked who my favorite members of the hit group Girls' Generation (SNSD) were. Certainly a warm, cozy environment indeed, and I had an excellent time.

And yes, tons of folks were familiar with PSY's hit "Gangnam Style."

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