[This page was created and posted in honor of the golden ten-year anniversary of SHOWSOTROS! Productions on November 21, 2018.]

We've come through an incredibly long journey to get up to where we are today. With events such as including TV/movie/video game reviews in early 2013, becoming an entertainment conglomerate in mid-2015 and blooming an umbrella extracting into a network company KC Universal Network atop of it, it's becoming clear that SHOWSOTROS! is slowly making a mark in the entire empyrean of pure escape neutralizing the agonizing aches caused by Life and other people. No matter what obstacles that stood by, we here at SHOWSOTROS! stuck through and made everything possible for the betterment of our passion and the quality of visual beauty that attracts fans of all kinds.

If you're talented at something, people will notice. SHOWSOTROS! is the main-stay for strong, creatively thought-out productions home to actualizing ideas that less likely would have been brought out to the table. Because of the different visionary projects other production companies aim to tackle, the way we do things here tries to be rather ambitious yet pulling all the stops to make it seem like a big-budget production. Being able to launch fresh new ideas is what keeps the team at SHOWSOTROS! going strong and pursuing various takes in making it happen.

Pronounced for this occasion as "show-ten'tros", the goodness hasn't stopped as more new and upcoming projects are currently in talks and in pre-production!

Happy Ten Years of Entertainment and the launch of SHOWSOTROS! Productions.

[This page was created and posted in honor of the seven-year anniversary of SHOWSOTROS! Productions on November 21, 2015.]