"Handheld Niño"

Set up for preproduction since 2011 comes a new SHOWSOTROS!™ project diving into the endless utopia of portable video games. Good games, bad games, successful consoles, terrible consoles, every game and every system will receive the ultimate treatment.

Covering the older portable games in full, host Kris Caballero explores the every aspect, gameplay, storyline and its release to bring you reviews on titles from the most popular, million-selling hits to the obscure, underrated and forgotten.

Regardless, to cater to the modern mobile gaming of today, Kris takes a dive in the retro universe to shine light on portable games we all grew up with playing during our classroom/lunch breaks.

Make Monday nights a little more lively with our full episode list below. Click on any episode you like to watch, any time, any where! If you have any suggestions for portable games to be seen talked about, go ahead and use the contact form below the page, and we'll take a look at it! It may be featured on a future episode!

Official HN episode list

Episode No. Overall No. in Season Title Date Aired
0 [Pilot Episode] 0 [Pilot Episode] "AlleyWay" June 26, 2015
1 Episode 1 - Season 1 "Super Mario Land" December 19, 2016