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"Snap! Everyday Fun & Games: Video Poker" Review (Posted on 12-21-2018)

After watching and reviewing the DVD "Fun-To-Know: Poker Made Simple!", I felt a little more confident with the game of Poker. As someone who only stuck in playing Blackjack and Slots, it was a matter of time that I expanded my learning of other casino games. Taking a shot at this simple game by Snap! for the Windows system, I decided to test my own skills out.

If you're new to the Snap! line of games, installing and starting the game is a breeze—no hang-ups, no preinstalled advertisements, and heck, no pretentious video introductions. As soon as you double-click the icon, you're instantly starting the game.

I'm not sure why these games don't get enough recognition. For one thing, the background sound is amazing. It sounds like your typical, ambient noise you'd hear when walking around inside a casino. The controls and the cursor are very responsive and the graphics are excellent. Sound effects? They all sound like the real thing you hear from an actual video poker machine. Plus, you get five different Poker games for you to choose—Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, Jacks or Better, Double Premium Poker, and Triple Premium Poker. Honestly, how could you not want this?

Anyway, the game of Poker is the game of Poker and needs no explanation. You test your own luck hoping to score a modest fortune, or even as far as to break the bank hoping to hit a Royal Flush. You start with a $3,000 bankroll, giving you the option on how much money you want to play. You also have the option to change the game's denomination from 5¢ up to $5. Whatever strikes your curiosity, or if you want to pretend to play like a high roller, the options are there!

The best I have won was a 4 Of A Kind. And yes, I've got video for proof:

I never got to hit a Royal Flush....yet, but I was proud of this. Also, I'm still trying to get comfortable with my newfound Poker skills so bare with my so-so style of play. I'll get better as I play.

Such a simple computer game, yet so fluid and good. I play this game during my breaks working on this website and/or editing new video projects. It's one of those games that should come preinstalled with any new PC you purchase. I wish TOPICS Entertainment realizes how good a job they did with this game.

I can't recommend this enough, as I can't stop playing this from time to time. Coming at a very low price, almost the price of pocket change, I highly recommend it!

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Game Title Video Poker
Description Snap!
Take an entertainment break with Snap!™ Everyday Fun & Games Software. Let Snap!™ fill your day with instant fun. With great products at great prices, it's a Snap!™
Ante up for Snap!™ Video Poker, the interactive suite of casino lounge favorites Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, Jacks or Better, Double Premium Poker, and Triple Premium Poker. Whether you're feeling lucky or want to play it safe, you can ante up for stakes high, low, or in-between. Whatever you choose, Snap!™ Video Poker is always ready to deal you in!
System Requirements Windows®

AMD, Celeron, or Pentium® II 300 MHZ, 32 MB Memory
Windows® 95 or later, CD-ROM; 100 MB Hard Drive space; Mouse; Windows® Compatible
Sound Card (must be Direct X 8.1 compatible);
Direct X Compatible Video Card

RECOMMENDED: AMD, Celeron, or Pentium® II 400 MHZ, 64 MB Memory
Installation Insert CD into the CD-Rom drive. Auto-play will start the CD, then press Yes to install.
If CD does not Auto-Play:
Double-click on My Computer, then double-click on your CD-ROM Drive.

Double-click on the setup file called Bingo, and follow the on-screen instructions.
ISBN / Bar Code number 1-59150-209-8 / 7 81735 80302 8
Video Format 4:3 / Full screen
Audio Format Stereo
Disk/CD Count One (1) CD
Language(s) English
Genre Gaming
Rated E - Everyone
Region NTSC
Specification Color
Developer Phantom EFX, Inc.
Company TOPICS Entertainment (www.topics-ent.com)
Product Number CS-302 (????)
Game Release November 29, 2007 (????)
Copyright © 2002 Phantom EFX. All Rights Reserved. It is illegal to re-create, sub-license, or transfer any part of the software, code, graphics, and or concepts.

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© 2002 Phantom EFX. All Rights Reserved. It is illegal to re-create, sub-
license, or transfer any part of the software, code, graphics, and or concepts.