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"Snap! Everyday Fun & Games: Blackjack" Review (Posted on 07-26-2016)

Another one of those games that should come pre-installed with the purchase of a new PC. Given that this is the one game mostly everyone knows how to play, even in the casinos, I don't think I need to explain any more of how it's played.

After installation, it starts straight to the game as usual: placing your bets and dealing the cards. You start with $2,500 to play, and you continue to play until your stash sinks to $0. When that happens, there's a button on the lower right to add additional funds, to where another fresh $2,500 gets added to continue your game play. You compete against 3 other players, controlled by the computer, while making quick decisions on hitting, standing, splitting, doubling down and/or surrendering. The game plays normally with no surprises or anything of that kind. Also, since the second player to my right kept losing, she kept gaining back her winnings. I wanted to see what would happen if one of the computer players lost all their money. My guess is they'll add funds to their gambling stash if that ever happens. Besides that, it would've been humorous to see (though I'd notice that the game seems to favor the computer players to prevent them from losing it all).

Graphically, it's right up there, though it's quite advanced during the time of its release. By today's standards, it's great but not mind-boggling; It's retro computer gaming at its finest. The animation, namely the dealer's arms and hands, are quite good and a bit inspiring to those into video game graphics programming. The ambient sounds is something you'd hear in a typical Las Vegas casino. It's pure and nice to hear, along with sound effects of the chips being stacked and cards being flicked. What I also liked was seeing that you can bet with high limited chips like a $500 or even a $1,000 chip which are denominations you don't see very often (unless you're a high-rolling quadrillionaire).

Unlike Snap!'s Bingo, this actually tallies your wins and losses, how many blackjacks you drew and how long you've been playing. With it, you can keep track of your stats and your gameplay overall. Not too much more from that point on.

It's just blackjack. To my knowledge, while playing this game, there isn't any other screen besides the advertisement in trying out a "newly released" casino game for the PC when you exit the game. Other than that, the only screen you see is the table where the game play happens. I'm sure there are creative ways to pizzazz up one's playing of blackjack, but it wouldn't feel as normal as it is playing at a real casino. Besides that, unless you're a video/computer game collector of casino games, there isn't much you'll gain from this.

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Game Title Blackjack
Description Snap!
Take an entertainment break with Snap!™ Everyday Fun & Games Software. Let Snap!™ fill your day with instant fun. With great products at great prices, it's a Snap!™
Join in on the realistic Las Vegas 21 action of Snap!™ BlackJack. Recreate the classic decision-making atmosphere of casino Blackjack on your own computer screen: track deck statistics, save your player info, and compete hand-to-hand against multiple characters and personalities at the virtual table. For high-rolling fun and authentic gaming action, double down with Snap!™ Blackjack.
System Requirements Windows®

AMD, Celeron, or Pentium® II 300 MHZ, 32 MB Memory
Windows® 95 or later, CD-ROM; 100 MB Hard Drive space; Mouse; Windows® Compatible
Sound Card (must be Direct X 8.1 compatible);
Direct X Compatible Video Card

RECOMMENDED: AMD, Celeron, or Pentium® II 400 MHZ, 64 MB Memory
Installation Insert CD into the CD-Rom drive. Auto-play will start the CD, then press Yes to install.
If CD does not Auto-Play:
Double-click on My Computer, then double-click on your CD-ROM Drive.

Double-click on the setup file called Bingo, and follow the on-screen instructions.
ISBN / Bar Code number 1-59150-211-X / 7 81735 80304 2
Video Format 4:3 / Full screen
Audio Format Stereo
Disk/CD Count One (1) CD
Language(s) English
Genre Gaming
Rated E - Everyone
Region NTSC
Specification Color
Developer Phantom EFX, Inc.
Company TOPICS Entertainment (www.topics-ent.com)
Product Number CS-304 (????)
Game Release July 2, 2003
Copyright © 2002 Phantom EFX. All Rights Reserved. It is illegal to re-create, sub-license, or transfer any part of the software, code, graphics, and or concepts.

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© 2002 Phantom EFX. All Rights Reserved. It is illegal to re-create, sub-
license, or transfer any part of the software, code, graphics, and or concepts.