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"Premium Casual Games: Concentration" Review (Posted on 12-28-2017)

I hope everyone had a wonderful and festive holiday season! Yeah, it's that one game I have a guilty liking to, only this time it's been revamped and modernized. Based off of the classic TV game show, also revived in the early nineties, it's Concentration!

Fully fresh with updated graphics and a new soundtrack, this version of Concentration has enough to attract both casual PC gamers and TV game show fans. However, being a TV game show fan myself, there are some things to point out despite it plays the same as the DOS variant. Yes, it nearly is the same as the DOS version, only this time you now use the cursor with the help of your mouse.

Graphically, it's fine as all the details are there and everything has been redesigned nicely. The soundtrack is completely new, almost in comparison to the soundtrack of the NES version of [Classic] Concentration. The gameplay is very fluid and simple since there isn't anything that's graphically demanding, in terms of your computer; Heck, even a computer with basic specifications with no dedicated video card should be able to run this just fine.

The features? Well, for the first time in my personal experience, this game presents the TAKE! panel—a panel, when matched, enables you to snatch and "take" a valuable prize away from your opponent. Compared to the DOS version, this game only features one WILD! panel, as opposed to two. Also, the game does not start with removing a random panel on the board; All panels on the board are used. Since I usually played the One Player option, I always went against a computer named Professor Rebus. There's also a difficulty setting: Easy, Medium and Hard. After playing each difficulty mode, I found no distinction between them as the computer opponent seems to find a way to solve the puzzle in an instant (though the computer opponent is a bit more ruthless in the Hard mode, which is obvious). Nevertheless, I never got to comprehend the difference bewteen the difficulty setting as the computer can beat you if given the chance. With that said, if you know the puzzle, SOLVE IT!

As you may have witnessed, the puzzles are complete with fresh, new graphical illustrations resembling those of Alex Trebek's version of Concentration. Some puzzles need careful analysis as some can stump you from deciphering the puzzle. As for the answers to the puzzles, they often represent famous quotes, book/film titles and some celebrities. Only celebrity I was able to solve was, well, let's have you guess:

Solve this rebus puzzle on Concentration!

As for the Bonus Round, it features the famous 15 panels, to which you must match until you match the final vehicle. The final vehicle you match is the car you win! This also stuck true to the nineties version of the show, and has great quality pictures of the cars you win. All money is added to the final score, tallied and shown on the game standings. The highest I've won, so far, is over $60,000, despite the difficulty in winning.

I've had an even share of wins and losses, and I only lost in the Bonus Round once. Still, this game can be a bit of a challenge, for those of you who think game show games are too casual for avid gamers.

Here's my personal gameplay of the Bonus Round that got me to a grand day total of over $60,000:

You've wondered about our official ratings of this game and why it's not a perfect 100%. Simple: the announcer, who seems to also act as host, verbally reacts to your every move which can get very annoying. Oddly enough, the man who did the voiceover on this game has a neat voice. I think it's time that some voiceover artists featued in underrated PC games get recognized by us entertainment fans because they've got true talent. (I made the same comment for the voiceover artist on our Snap! Bingo PC game review.)

Anyway, I've said a lot about the series of the show, which I feel should be revived back on television—Concentration. If you're a television network executive who has a spare budget looking for a simple, affordable cast and crew to make it happen, I'll be happy to oblige and discuss further solutions. Don't want to hire me? Then I thank you for stealing my idea....as always. I mean, the idea has to come from someone in order for it to be stolen, right?

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© 2008-2019 written and reviewed personally by Kris Caballero.

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"Premium Casual Games: Concentration" Profile Info

Game Title Concentration
Description The Classic Game of Mix and Match

• Hours of fun with over 100 hidden puzzle pictures to solve
• Three levels of difficulty, suitable for everyone
• Challenge your family and friends in 2 modes of play
Minimum PC System Requirements Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista
128MB of RAM, DirectX 8.0 or higher, DirectX Compatible 16 or 32-bit Video Card with
16MB VRAM, DirectSound-compatible Sound Card, CPU Pentium III 500 MHz or higher
and 35MB free Hard Drive space.
ISBN / Bar Code number 8 11930 10419 1
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) / Full Screen
Audio Format Stereo
Disk/CD Count One (1) CD
Language(s) English
Genre Puzzle
Rated E - Everyone
Region --
Specification Color (VGA)
Manufactured and Distributed by MumboJumbo
Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP
Published by Freeze Tag Inc.
Company United Developers, LLC
Product Number 1038-10419
Game Release 2007
Copyright © 2007 Freeze Tag, Inc. Concentration™ and © NBC, Inc. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP. All Rights Reserved. Rebus puzzles and theme music™ & © Freeze Tag, Inc. Published under license by MumboJumbo, a wholly own subsidiary of United Developers, LLC. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries. The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.
Other Formats ????
Quoted Reviews --
Other Thank you for buying Concentration. Please Note Before Proceeding: To avoid potential conflicts, you should close all applications prior to installation.

PC Installation Instructions:

1. Insert the CD in the CD-ROM drive.
2. The program will start automatically on most Windows machines when you insert the CD (this may take a few seconds).
If the launcher does not start automatically, open up My Computer in your Windows Explorer browser and navigate to your CD-ROM drive by right-clicking on its drive letter (usually D: or E: - look for the CD icon) then clicking "Explore". Locate the launcher program (C_Setup.exe double-click the file to run it.
3. At the Launcher Menu, select "Install".
4. The Installation Program will explain how to install the game. Read each screen carefully and follow the on-screen instructions. If you are unfamiliar with this type of program, simply accept the default setting by clicking the "Next" button at each screen.
5. After the installation is complete, you may start the program by clicking on the "Start" button on the bottom left corner of your screen, and then select the "Programs" menu. In it you will    a folder named "MumboJumbo" containing a folder named "Concentration" with a shortcut to start the game.

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"Premium Casual Games: Concentration" Credits

Executive Producers
Craig Holland
Mick Donahoo

Alok Narula
Joseph Rex

John Schutts

Mark Brashear

Associate Producer
Ted Craig

Quality Assurance
Bret Meisenbach
Dave Fleischmann
Veena Loke

Project Manager
Sonal Paliwal
Vishal Vohra

Mary Calderon

Special Thanks
Bill Kispert
Gary Lokum
Kam Naderi
Neysa Gordon
Lawnie Grant
Jenny and Teri

© 2007 Freeze Tag, Inc. All Rights Reserved. FREEZE TAG and The Freeze Tag logo are Trademarks of Freeze Tag, Inc. Any use of the game is governed by the end user license agreement which restricts use, copying, and distribution, and prohibits decompilation and resale. All puzzles, art, and music are property of Freeze Tag, Inc.

Concentration™ & © National Broadcasting Company, Inc. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP. All Rights Reserved.

Ford Motor Company vehicle names and images in this game are copyright and trademarks of Ford Motor Company used with permission.

GE and the GE Monogram are trademarks of General Electric Company. All Rights Reserved.

Universal Studios Hollywood℠ ©Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.