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Along with having grown up with the NES and Super Nintendo, the IBM 5153 computer was the very first computer I played DOS games on as a kid. Growing up with 5.25" to 3" floppy disks then over to CD-based games, I thought it was about time these classics get some spotlight. Some games have been preserved and are still in working conditions, while some are impossible to find and have to resort to emulation. Regardless, for those of us who made friends with good ol' command-line computers with 90-pound CRT monitors, may these reviews bring you back a time when things were easy, let alone likely guide you in carefully choosing which ones to keep and add to your personal computer game collection. Enjoy!

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Game Title Date Reviewed Review written by Image
FRAC (Tetris '3D') January 26, 2019 Kris Caballero FRAC (Tetris '3D')
Welltris™ January 18, 2019 Kris Caballero Welltris for IBM PC DOS
Snap! Everyday Fun & Games: Video Poker December 21, 2018 Kris Caballero Snap! Everyday Fun Games: Video Poker
Super Slots December 13, 2018 Kris Caballero Super Slots for IBM PC DOS
Premium Casual Games: Concentration December 28, 2017 Kris Caballero Concentration for Microsoft Windows
Bejeweled 2 July 29, 2017 Kris Caballero Bejeweled 2 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS
Bejeweled July 09, 2017 Kris Caballero Bejeweled for Microsoft Windows
Classic Concentration (Second Edition) July 01, 2017 Kris Caballero Classic Concentration Second Edition for Microsoft DOS
Snap! Everyday Fun & Games: Blackjack July 26, 2016 Kris Caballero Snap! Blackjack for Windows (PC)
Snap! Everyday Fun & Games: Bingo July 12, 2016 Kris Caballero Snap! Bingo for Windows (PC)
Ms. Chomp December 09, 2015 Kris Caballero Ms. Chomp for Microsoft DOS
Card Sharks October 28, 2015 Kris Caballero Card Sharks for Microsoft DOS
Wheel of Fortune (First, Second, Third Editions) October 06, 2015 Kris Caballero Wheel of Fortune (First, Second, Third Editions) for Microsoft DOS
Hollywood Squares August 02, 2015 Kris Caballero Hollywood Squares for Microsoft DOS
Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White July 28, 2015 Kris Caballero Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White for Microsoft DOS
Classic Concentration May 02, 2015 Kris Caballero Classic Concentration for Microsoft DOS