Company Information

From "" to "," this website has underwent a ton throughout its span since 2008. The goals for this website is three-fold, despite the ups and downs and missed directions the time it was originally launched:

To lay down projects, from past to present, bringing about original/unique content and entertainment among the populace. I have developed, self-taught and practiced over a decade sharing my skills and talents under the art of moving pictures. It has been my unparalleled passion and will continue to do so for good. Whether it's game shows, an episodic series or music videos, there's always something new to bring and show to audiences in a way very little has met. Disregarding the least, my showing of entertainment through video is a bug bite staying with me forever, and because I feel my style in content is different from the rest, this website provides an open outlet to share it.

Pursuing another possibility to network, connect and collaborate with other fellow video/audio production enthusiasts, workers, amateurs and professionals. As technology continues to grow, more and more features handed down through digital video cameras and professional video editing softwares, enable more control and techniques to be incorporated within our video/audio piece(s), thus discussing and sharing these among everyone else. With the exception of social media, this website provides clear proof of the growth in editing maturity. Common interests aside, this site is also used as a full resume showcasing all my works, thus acquiring any opportunities to work for and collaborate with those looking for real quality and hard-strung ideas.

In connection with creating content, the third point is to express produced content through my thoughts showing personal interests in things I find to be realm of wonderful entertainment: reviewing TV shows and movies. Although my creative content was solely inspired by episodic shows, hence the aim of producing series-related videos, reviewing is my sharing of the things I enjoy and watch for leisure, for nostalgia, and sometimes, for creative extraction from the shows and/or the movies. In contrast to reviewing, along with my other website The Seeds of Books hosted as a portal to help students and other book lovers on the best reads for school or pleasure, these reviews are there as a guide to help leisurely viewers and fans before making their final decision. The reviews are written in honest fashion, let alone provided for the purposes of pure writing. You will find mostly comedy shows, documentaries, TV series, children shows, classic movies and a few cartoons/anime on here.

If you have any concerns with the information provided here, please use the contact form. Please state and be specific on which of the information you would like to know more about, have questions about or would like a better clarification on. For media inquiries, legal/business matters and/or any contractual information, please use "Media" from the drop down box.