"Always In The Past"

Documenting his past starting from eighth grade graduation, host Kris Caballero talks about the occurrences and special events taking place during his adolescence days, with old video footage for proof.

Upscaling the old footage to HD, Kris holds nothing back talking about the people, the situations, the drama and the hidden happenings behind the videos shared for the world to see and witness. And that includes just about everything.

A rehash of the socially trendy video-blogging series "Throughout The Years," Kris decided to produce this very series talking about his past, with videos to prove and engage viewers in while informing about the goings-on of those days.

Due to personal life work, this series has been on hiatus and will commence until further notice. Nevertheless, enjoy these amazing episodes with footage from Kris' past!

Official Always In The Past episode list

Episode No. Overall No. in Season Title Date Aired
1 1 "Eighth Grade Graduation" *WORLD PREMIERE* January 10, 2010
2 1 "Midnight Madness (2001)" January 21, 2010
3 1 "Winter Sports Banquet (2002)" January 27, 2010
4 1 "Shalom Dinner (2002)" January 30, 2010
5 1 "Class of 2001's Senior Prank" February 14, 2010
6 1 "Go Gladiators!" March 08, 2010
7 1 "Happy Birthday, Joe Blow!" March 13, 2010
8 1 "Yeah! Volleyball Girls!" March 25, 2010
9 1 "Walk-A-Thon! (2003)" May 11, 2010