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Nintendo Game Boy Pocket

GAME BOY, the world's most popular portable video game system, offers endless entertainment for players of all skill levels with a library of over 400 games! The new, compact GAME BOY pocket travels everywhere and boasts improved screen contrast for clear, easy-to-see game graphics. Remember, you can also play all GAME BOY games at home, in-color on your Super NES® using the Super GAME BOY® accessory.*

— New Compact Size
— Batteries Included
— Improved Screen
— Library of Over 400 Games — Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Sports, Role-Playing

*All GAME BOY games, Super NES and Super GAME BOY sold separately.

ISBN / Bar Code number
MG122117907 // 0 45496 71034 7

Video Format
1.33:1 (4:3)

Audio Format
Mono (Stereo via headphones, depending on game)


Video Specification
Dot Matrix ("Black & White")

Licensed by


Model Number


Other Console Versions
Super Game Boy, Game Boy, Game Boy Light, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro

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The Game Boy sold over 100 million units worldwide.


Nintendo Game Boy Pocket

Video Game Review (Posted on 08-11-2015)

Yeah yeah yeah, go ahead: rave about your cool apps. Brag about how your cell phone can play crystal-clear music, take life-like pictures, shoot 8K HD video and can solve the Reimann Zeta Hypothesis. Portable gaming, during our tenure, never looked so awesome. And because everyone's got a hold of it, I feel it's time to make it travel-sized isn't it? Feast your eyes—kids will read this not being able to comprehend any of the true feelings behind these words: Nintendo Game Boy....Pocket.

If you read the description on the box, it made mention of an improved screen. Since the original "brick" Game Boy sported that green-ish hue, the Pocket shows off the unit's true dot matrix color. In addition, the quality is much clearer with responsive frame rates of the game which reduced "ghosting" from high-motion games. With a contrast knob, headphone jack in the same places, I noticed that the volume was much louder than the original. The extension connector was what changed, requiring a smaller 4-pin connection, compared to the Game Boy's larger 6-pin connector. Instead of using AA batteries, this only requires 2 AAA batteries enabling around 8-10 hours of gameplay. Other than that, along with its smaller, portable size, the Pocket surely showed a massive amount of improvements following its predecessor.

A pocket-sized gaming handheld with louder volume and cleaner, sharper video quality: What more is there to say?

Like the original Game Boy, it comes with a chunk of colors, even a valuable gray version with purple buttons, resembling the original Game Boy first released in 1989. There are even rare versions of the Pocket from Japan and a slick, "Ice Blue" Game Boy Pocket packaged with Zelda: Link's Awakening—an exclusive offer from Target® (see photos). You really don't see offers like those anymore, I mean, especially packaging a game that became a top-selling RPG on the Game Boy? Man, our generation rocked it good.

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