UPDATE (Aug, 4 2016): New YouTube-style rating has been added on the videos (Filmography) section.

Sports Graphics

Unsure about fans' case, I feel the eloquent broadcast presentations of (live) sports are taken for granted; I've always had a huge liking for their amazing graphical imagery. Whether it's a quick two-second transition, player analysis, instant replays, flashbacks and/or change in the topic of discussion presented on a digital building or texts magnetically hovering over a platform, as a production junkie, all the 3D animation has gotten my attention 100% in sports.

Like technology, live TV graphics have evolved over time and continue to improve enticing the eyes of viewers worldwide. Some look eye-boggling and realistic, while some look simplistic yet expensive; Others look futuristic, but a few might look too basic (likely due to budgetary reasons). Production animation compliments any video presentation, live or edited, adding succulent flavor to the feature show/presentation making the show that more enjoyable to watch. Similar with the case of audio, people's concerns rise up when it's gone.

This page is dedicated to shining light to the amazing graphics, praising the animators behind these beautiful works. From networks like ESPN to the NHL Network and many others, I bring to you, from a production standpoint, sports graphics as they are presented. (Graphics/Production animators, this page is dedicated to all of you. Thank you!) Please, enjoy!

(Note: The following pages are graphics-intensive—GIF images—and require a high-speed internet connection. Those with slower internet speeds must be patient on loading the images. Also, if there is/are graphics you like for me to take a look at and discuss, use the form below and credits will be given.)


CBS [Sports Network]