Charity Bowling at Canoga Park Bowl (taken June 08, 2014)

Nearly a year since I've attended a meetup and here I am. Despite the fact I work five days and forty hours a week, this couldn't have come at a great time. Not only that, but it's been a whopping six years since I've gone bowling. My scores weren't impressive but it was a great opportunity to unwind. In addition, I got the chance to reconnect with a former classmate! I like this.

It is $20, and pays for shoes, two games and lunch. Looking at the plate, I didn't bother getting food. Surely, it may have been a waste of my $20 but I was looking for something beefy (I eat like a real man). Anyway, the money goes directly to the organization that helps prevent child abuse and domestic violence. Reminds me of the songs "Suffer The Children" and "Woman In Chains" by Tears For Fears—the former speaks about against mistreatment of children and the latter speaks about women.

This group is the Mix Professionals, which was similar to the previous meetup being the Nerd & Geek party. As mentioned previously, the organizer takes liberty into taking down the "extra/sightseeing-like" photos from the group's page, so here are the "extras" the people were unable to see.

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