WWE Monday Night RAW [Los Angeles] (taken April 11, 2016)

Last I was a huge fan of WWF—now WWE—was in the late nineties from the likes of Crash Holly to the six-man cage match. The Rock dissing Stone Cold Steve Austin for listening "to some Backstreet Boys" was the first time in my youth I dropped to the floor laughing. Speaking of Stone Cold, how about the entire wrestling cast trying to weed out who really ran over Steve Austin, and having "did it...for The Rock?"

Pro wrestling has made room in our hearts, and every one of us has watched at least one event live and/or on TV. I went with fellow coworkers who were nothing but pure awesome, especially our Hockey Night outing featuring the Dallas Stars versus the LA Kings.

After my first watching of a live WWE event makes me want to be a wrestling fan again. I've got a lot of catching up to do.

At the end of the taping is what they call the "dark match" where wrestlers duke it out for the audience, and not aired on TV. That may be the "War Zone" for the fans.

And yes, Dr. Phil made an appearance involved in the story-lined conflict between Charlotte (with Ric Flair) and Natalya. At least the women are more active and fighting it off, compared to the olden days when they were simply eye candy (Lita, one of the few exceptions).

WWE wrestling is fun, and like yo-yos, everyone should be a fan again.

Having went and invited coworkers to this live event has gotten mutual friends of ours green with envy. Here, you may have thought I'd go on and write an envious taunt (as everyone else tends to say) as stupid as "you can't sit with us" or something. Yeah but there's no use if you don't have a ticket anyway, so the feeling of envy is your problem.

Other than that, enjoy these pictures featuring an amazing night in Los Angeles!

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