Universal Studios [2018] (taken January 19, 2018)

I wasn't kidding: it's been long overdue, and my goodness, a lot has changed. In fact, the biggest change, or I should say addition, has to be The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. After an amazing presentation in choosing a wand and riding the Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey ride, it got me much more appreciative of the franchise. I felt the same way with hit films such as Transformers (I was a fan of the cartoon series, as a child).

After hanging around here, and having the time of my life making a great start to the new year, it brought me to the realization in how much I admire the art of moviemaking. It really triggers your imagination and to praise the work behind making these timeless films that stirred our every emotion. Other than that, make sure the memory card in your camera has lots of space, or your phone having a backup battery or two, because there is a ton of good stuff to see.

As for the tour, along with the rides, you can see that Universal ventured into 3D projection making the experience more interactive and realistic with 3D glasses. It's here, folks: in the upcoming future, theme parks will be virtual reality based (you may even experience the whole tour without you leaving the house). Yeah, you may be laughing now, but watch Universal continue advancing to that technology. Nevertheless, the tour was excellent and I learned a bunch.

I visited the theme park with fellow coworkers, making the experience even more memorable and fun. Being that it was a Friday, with the weather being overcast with a slight drizzle, it didn't stop us from walking and exploring. Mentioning that resulted in short waiting times for the rides, as they were all at least less than an hour.

Although there were no pictures of it, the food at Jurassic Cafe was very good. It's enough to fill you up for the rest of the day. Yes, really.

I can't say enough about this experience. It's just a lot of fun, and they continue to improve all the time. It's only a matter of time on how crazy it'll get when Nintendo jumps in with their theme park.

Anyhow, enjoy the pictures! Thank you, NBC Universal, Universal Studios, and fellow [former] coworker, Sandy!

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