The Writer's Store feat. Chris Kenworthy (taken August 02, 2013)

Good things come to those who wait....or when you least expect it.

Fellow network Molly, an actress from Australia, messaged me about an event featuring the author of a film production book. Because I've got another event to attend later that night, I took a chance to drop by and see for myself. Besides, it's hard to resist an event related to film. Not only did I meet and talk with an actual author, out of the authors of books I've read, but I had a picture with him! Since Molly kindly invited me to event, I got a picture with her as well, making her the very first network on my Stage32 account I've ever met in person!

Both Molly and Chris are from Australia, and Chris spoke briefly more about his book series Master Shots. He was on a book tour here in America speaking more about his books and answering questions about anything and everything film-related. Just like that stranger I met at the Metro Bus back in 2006 once said, "Make Entertainment, Not War." Gladly.

Enjoy this album of intelligent media conversing, located in a discreet city where I attended high school: Burbank, California. What great wonderful people they were. Oh, and I drank Australian ginger ale for the very first time. I think I lost a chunk of my American English accent.

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