The Japanese Garden [second visit] (taken September 01, 2013)

If Japanese culture was a beautiful woman, we'd be boyfriend-girlfriend by now...or husband-wife.

This place never disappoints. Even if it's just a bunch of trees and plants. you'll never find unique landscapes anywhere in this country. It defines tranquility—my type of environment.

Compared to my first visit, I scoured through spots I've never been to and/or taken pictures of. What was interesting was finding a cute black cat near the Tea House on Picture 36-70 (thanks to Zoe's daughter for finding it!). Unfortunately, the staff were nowhere to be seen, serving cookies and tea at the House (likely because of Labor Day). Other than that, everything still remains the same except for the wooden bridge, shown on Picture 49-70. See the difference?

If you live around the area, this place is the best $3 you will ever spend. Be sure you're wearing sneakers and bring your largest memory cards because they will fill up in no time, once you explore this beautiful scenery.

Like The Reserve, I was on manual focus and using polarizing lens which helped drastically (last time, I never used it). Some of the pictures may look too saturated as a result for some, but for me, it looks much more defined. Enjoy!

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