Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve (taken September 01, 2013)

I don't know about you, but when I think of "wildlife," I think NatGeo/Discovery Channel.

Arrived the day before Labor Day, sought a peaceful sight among the wildlife—a place I've never visited before. Having brought my DSLR camera made me feel like a hunter finding some rare species waiting to be captured. However, Pokéballs are insurmountable as I wished it was a Pokémon Safari—you know, the place where you hunt and capture new Pokémon.

Anyway, most of the shots were rather fuzzy which explains the small number of pictures shared here. As usual, I was on manual focus. For long and far shots, I executed the awesome 55-200mm telephoto lens. Oh, and my new polarizing lens were used making the colors of the shots much more neat than was previously.

Because I was with a meetup group, we immediately had to rush toward our next destination. Being this was my first time here, there's more in this area I like to explore. The second visit will be posted here.

Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve