Polka: Polish Cuisine (taken October 11, 2014)

There's something about the Polish culture, food and people....that I like. Perhaps it's because I received a warm welcome from attending a Polish Festival in Los Angeles; Perhaps it's because their cultural customs are nearly similar to my cultural background (I'm Filipino and some Spanish); Perhaps they're the nicest people I've hung out with.

Of all the cuisines I've searched, this was the closest one I've found. Relatively a peaceful place, and the servers are very kind people. In fact, when I came in, there was one person in the entire dining room. As soon as I waited patiently for my order, a decent chunk of people began showing up (something that occasionally occurs wherever I go). Overall, the environment is neat and tidy, surely a place you can just lay back without a single worry about any mishaps outside.

I did this for two reasons: first, because I've always wanted to dine in on Polish food (didn't do much during my time at the Polish Festival of Los Angeles [2014]). Secondly, my former coworkers launched a little something called "Table For One." Granted, my thought was having to dine in without the aid and company of other people. Nevertheless, I just wanted to eat Polish food. Enjoy!

(In case you didn't see, check out the montage I produced of the Polish Festival I attended in 2014!)

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