Hockey Night: Dallas Stars vs. Los Angeles Kings (taken January 19, 2016)

Let's face it: this 2016 year has had a very rough start. And rightfully so, if you have been following the news since the new year began, tons and tons of ups and downs within a short span.

Perhaps it's time to brighten things up, in this case, gather some coworkers of mine and attend a nice, live game of professional hockey at the Staples Center.

Having been a hockey fan—LA Kings fan—for 3 years, it was the perfect opportunity to watch a live game. And who better to do so with coworkers, one of them being a proud Dallas Stars fan? No need to slam him over it, as it was a friendly banter, the point is the energy and suspense hockey games bring when watched in person. On this particular night, the game was so intense, I couldn't get myself a beer nor a delicious tray of nachos; I just couldn't leave my seat.

Don't think this is the only time I'll be at a hockey game; I definitely will attend more. And coming from an NBA basketball fan, that's quite a say.

If you're looking to cheer up after a rough start of this year, don't despair: attend a hockey game.

On a different note, I would have loved hearing Doc Emrick call this game.

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