Featuring a full gameplay-based series, DOSup features various MS-DOS games naturally played through. Recorded with the help of DOSBox to help launch and run the games pulled from its original floppy disks, this series showcases the fun, the challenges and the nostalgia of good, old-fashioned computer gaming.

Played by Kris Caballero himself, with no voiceovers/audio commentaries, there hasn't been any DOS game that retro computer gamers have not played on this series. Bring back the love and fun of running games off the C:\> Drive and enjoy the plethora of DOS back on the modern front!

Official DOSup episode list

Episode No. Overall Title Date Aired
1 "Wheel of Fortune" (First Edition) - Game 1: Kris vs. Peter vs. Gabby *WORLD PREMIERE* November 25, 2015
2 "Wheel of Fortune" (First Edition) - Game 2: Kris vs. Lizzy vs. Felicia December 09, 2015
3 "Ms. Chomp" (v1.2) December 17, 2015
4 "Sharks...Alive!" (Sharks) January 07, 2016