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"Welltris™" Review (Posted on 01-18-2019)

Welltris title screen

Judging by the name itself, you'd know this is a variant of the popular puzzle game Tetris. And just like the name implies, it's Tetris...in a well. Still, for those who are huge fans of puzzle games, and the series itself, this is one of those games that you look back and think, "man, now I want to play that!" That's fine because I thought the same way.

Guess the Flag screen

Like specific DOS games, this requires the manual in order to proceed to the main menu. This is possibly one of the most annoying things about classic computer games because it's very much locking the player out unless they have the instruction manual to 'unlock' the game. Nevertheless, the answer varies but must be determined by the country name of the flag shown (unless perhaps, of course, you're be an expert in knowing every country flag in the world). If you get the answer wrong three times, the game quits and you go back to the command line.

Once you answer correctly, you now see the main menu. Ah, yes, the beauty and artistry made by the colorful aesthetics of 8-bit DOS graphics. It's so nice to look at that before navigating, you just want to take a few seconds for your eyes to drink up all that goodness:

Welltris menu screen

The menu is self-explanatory—set the level you want, the speed and controls. When you check out the Hi Score option, you see a list of pre-recorded players' top scores, along with another beautiful art of a group of people, likely family, gathering and having a great time at the dinner table.

Welltris Hi Score screen

Welltris gameplay screen

The game is very much another twist on Tetris, but you have four walls of the well to work with. The goal, like Tetris, is to eliminate and clear as much lines as possible. If the pieces are overstacked to the point where parts of them are stuck in the wall of the well, that wall turns red for a period of time telling the player that that wall is restricted from play. This gets challenging as the game gets faster in speed. If all four walls turn red, the game is over. The pieces are the usual ones you're familiar with, and every now and then, the game features "specialized" pieces into the game to either help you clear a line or to ruin your already-good stack. As usual, the more lines you clear, difficulty increases along with the speed of the blocks. With all that happening, you get to see the beautiful artwork on the right side of the screen as it changes when the speed levels up.

Here's my "awesome" gameplay of Welltris. Yeah, there were times when I'd completely forget how to rotate given how I'm so used to Tetris:

Yeah, I did my best.

While the game is a variant of its popular title, it's not bad and presents a unique yet addicting challenge. Yes, they sure kept that word true—an "addictive" game. Being that this is as common as Tetris itself, it shouldn't be too hard to find, via the real copy or emulation.

Since there are competitions involving Tetris, I'd like to see one where competitors play this game of Welltris. Yes, it'll present some challenges but funny enough, there hasn't been a world champion of Welltris—none that I know of as of now. On the other hand, it'd be cool if Alexey Pajitnov whips up a new video game title that'll take the industry by storm. Something simple to which everyone can play and compete on. Tough to say since, currently, Fortnite is reigning. Hard to say what it may be, but I know it'll do well.

Check this game out! And a HUGE thank you to Mr. Pajitnov and all your amazing work!

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© 2008-2019 written and reviewed personally by Kris Caballero.

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"Welltris™" Profile Info

Game Title Welltris™
Description [FRONT]

The Soviet Challenge Continues . . .



Just when you thought you had mastered TETRIS™! Now we bring you yet another mind teaser from the famed Soviet author of TETRIS, Alexey Pajitnov. WELLTRIS takes you into another dimension as you attempt to position shapes in a three-dimensional perspective. Imagine looking down into a four-sided well with grid-like walls and bottom. Rotate the falling pieces within each wall. But that's just the beginning; you also move the pieces around the side walls in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Your best score comes from quick, accurate placement of pieces on the bottom grid. There are other suprises in store in WELLTRIS, but you just have to see it for yourself. WELLTRIS—another name for "addictive!"
Features: • New three-dimensional perspective
• Pieces can be rotated around four walls
• Three difficulty levels, each containing 5 speeds
• Randomly generated pieces
• Increasingly complex shapes at higher difficulty levels
• Scoring system with top ten recorded
• Optional mode to preview next shape
• Beautiful background scenes of modern Russian culture
Software Compatibility IBM PC, Tandy 1000
IBM PC, Tandy 1000 or compatible • 256K RAM or 384K RAM for Tandy 1000 version
• 5¼" or 3½" disk drive Tandy 1000 and EGA version require 1.2MB 5¼" or 3½" disk drive
• Hercules, CGA, Tandy 1000 16-color or EGA
ISBN / Bar Code number 0-928784-40-1
Video Format 16:9 / Widescreen
Audio Format Mono
Disk/CD Count One (1) 3.5" floppy disk, two (2) 5.25" floppy disks
Language(s) English
Genre Puzzle / Action
Rated ????
Region NTSC
Specification Color (VGA)
Licensed by Doka / Bullet-Proof Software
Developer Alexey Pajitnov
Company Spectrum Holobyte™ (Sphere, Inc.)
Product Number ????
Game Release 1989
Copyright WELLTRIS game © 1989 Doka. All rights reserved. Licensed by Doka to Bullet-Proof Software. Adaptation and modifications made by Sphere, Inc. by permission of Bullet-Proof Software. Original concept and design by Alexey Pajitnov. TETRIS is a trademark of Academy Soft-ELORG. WELLTRIS is a trademark of Bullet-Proof Software. Spectrum HoloByte is a trademark of Sphere, Inc. Other produces are trademarks of their respective holders.
Other Formats Compact disk (????)
Quoted Reviews Alexey Pajitnov, Soviet mathematician, designer and programmer, speaks to American computer enthusiasts:
Dear Friends:
It is pleasant to know that on the other side of the ocean in America there are many admirers of my games. I would like to propose my new work for your minds. This game is even more challenging than the last one. My son is seven, but he has not yet mastered it. If you like TETRIS, this game will also give you many hours of pleasure. I hope the pieces will be manageable for you on the walls of the well. The main thing is to construct in the square—always adding, improving, developing. This is my motto. Play WELLTRIS! Good Luck!

Alexey Pajitnov
Awards 1989


Other Spectrum HoloByte™
2061 Challenger Drive, Alameda, CA 94501 (415) 522-1164

"Welltris™" Credits

Original WELLTRIS design concept by Alexey Pajitnov
Original WELLTRIS program by A. Snegov

American Version Product Design and Management: Dan Kaufman
Programming: Dan Kaufman and Greg Marr

Graphics: Dan Guerra, Jody Sather and Matt Carlstrom
Manual Layout and Writing: Steve Perrin
Package Design: Karen Sherman and David Bishop

Special Thanks To: Phil Adam, Anthony Chiang, Steve Hsieh, Gilman Louie,
Ann McCue, Paul Mogg, Lars Norpchen, Marisa Ong, Kuswara Pranawahadi,
Joe Scirica and Kevin Seghetti.

Some artwork inspired by A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union