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"Snap! Everyday Fun & Games: Bingo" Review (Posted on 07-12-2016)

When it comes to computer games being let go for the price of pocket change, not only do I pick them up but I also wonder why they are priced as such. Every video/computer gamer and/or those who review video and computer games have had their fair share of awful games, but sometimes, third-party sellers of these games make the inevitable assumption of games, having them priced in a way where, it's like, they're paying the buyer to remove it off their stock. That's how I feel with games like these.

Now, yes, it's a casino-based, gambling game which means this may cater to those casual computer game players. In this case, it caters to those who often play simple games like Solitaire, Minesweeper and other built-in games included with their Windows® computer. Having played this, I'm surprised this was never included with a purchase of a brand, new PC, despite its simple gameplay.

No graphical intro: the moment you double-click the game icon, you're in the game which I really like (intros don't hurt but there are times where I just want to get in and play the game). Not even starting a new game with a fresh Bingo card, and I found the background sound and noise give that feel like you're in an actual casino environment; I love it so much. Anyway, using your mouse to navigate, you have your bingo card on the top right, "NEW CARD" toggle on the top left, money to bet in between the two (with $5 as the minimum), game type on the bottom of the money amount to bet ("Any Way," "Four Corners," etc), counters counting the number of balls drawn and next to that is the credits counter, the "START GAME" button, the ball drum animated graphic with the words "BONUS Bingo" on top of it. On the bottom of the game card are 5 empty spaces, then below that, from left to right, is a button to add funds, the money you—the player—have in your stash, the "EXIT" button to exit the game from and an "AUTO BLOT" checkbox.

The five empty spaces are there to spell the word "B-I-N-G-O," where the letters are included in the balls drawn. Do so, without drawing a Skull & Crossbones, which ends the game completely, and you enter in a rare Bonus Round with a chance to win more credits to play! Writing that sentence previous to this made me sound like a lead casino marketer featured on countless TV/online commercials, advertising and getting visitors to participate on our casino's monthly contests to win money. How else am I able to say that?

And now, let's play Bingo! After placing your desired bet (credits) and comfortable playing with the card you like, you click "START GAME" and one by one, a ball is raffled at random. Just like the traditional game of Bingo itself, and depending what game you chose to play (if you're the daring type, try "Cover All"), the ball features a letter and number. Your job is to mark with your cursor, known as "dabbing," (no, not Cam Newton's victory dance) the numbers drawn matching up with the ones you have on your card. Again, depending which game you chose to play, get 5 in a row, for example, and you win! Games like "Four Corners" and "Cover All" expand your luck and skill in trying to get all the numbers as best as possible. If, at any time, a Skull & Crossbones ball is drawn, you lose and lose your bets as a result.

Continually playing, if you run out of credits, you can add more from your little stash. If you run out of money, there's a way to withdraw from your "personal" bank account in the game. (Note for the slow people: you don't have to actually pay to continue playing; It's a feature in the game to cater to the realism of gambling.) That only happened to me once, but as far as I can tell, you have unlimited funds in your "personal" bank account. Oh gambling addiction....

About the Bonus Round: It's the cheesiest thing I have seen; It's very slot machine-like, harking back to the days when companies were attempting to go digital with their machines, with oh-too-simple-looking animation with voiceover. In it, you see the letters "B O N U S," and on top are instructions saying Choose a ball for destruction, then click the "Destroy Ball" button. When you click on the letter of the ball to be destroyed, you click the box that says "Destroy Ball." On the screen in the middle, a Dark Vader-like voiceover counts down from 5, and when 0 hits, it unveils your reward—credits—that you've earned and will be added to your gameplay credits. After, you go back to the bingo game and continue your game as normal. I'm not sure what the highest amount you could win, but I got 144 the last time I played. Again, cheesy and very slot machine-like.

I've tried the Cover All game a few times, and it's ridiculously difficult to win; I have never won once. If you have that much time on your hands, see how much money you could win with the Cover All game.
Another thing: the game doesn't have ending credits featuring the awesome development team who pitched in to create this game. I say so because I want to know the voiceover of this game—the man calling out the numbers during gameplay. I want to know if he ever landed a job as an announcer. Seriously, that's quite a voice that shouldn't be wasted as he should be a sports announcer, a radio personality, a TV/web series trailer voiceover and/or a podcaster. I may never know who the talent was doing the voiceovers for the number calling, but he's got a sharp voice for announcing (if you work, knows someone who works, and/or were a former employee for Phantom EFX developing this game, email me as I may interview him on this website).

For avid computer gamers, you may find this to be a bore while the casual gamers will find this simple challenge a bit fun. Even I enjoyed wanting to play over and over again. However, because there isn't a score board to tally up the highest scores, with only a Bonus Round, there isn't much else. Me personally, I found it fun and to pass time, I could boot this game up and play it again. This should come built in with a purchase of a new PC, but as you know, nowadays, new PCs are flooded with trial softwares nobody wants to pay for (even if you did, it won't work anyway), advertising that hog up the computer's multitasking speed and terrible updates that forces your computer to restart if you don't cancel within the allotted minutes. It's a sad thing to know with PCs.

Anyway, if you have an old PC that still works like a charm, install and boot this game up! I'm certain the challenge is enough to keep you playing for a good while. Originally, even with the modest things said about this game, I wanted to rate it 3 stars, but the man calling and announcing the numbers during the gameplay has some serious voiceover talent. Therefore, I added one, full star just for that. Amazing talent, sir.

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Game Title Bingo
Description Snap!
Take an entertainment break with Snap!™ Everyday Fun & Games Software. Let Snap!™ fill your day with instant fun. With great products at great prices, it's a Snap!™
Get ready for that big money prize with Snap!™ Bingo, the whirlwind combination of traditional number calling, card-filling play with the monster pay-outs of a slot machine. With the option to choose from ten different Bingo variations, this classic game has never been so much fun.
System Requirements Windows®

AMD, Celeron, or Pentium® II 300 MHZ, 32 MB Memory
Windows® 95 or later, CD-ROM; 100 MB Hard Drive space; Mouse; Windows® Compatible
Sound Card (must be Direct X 8.1 compatible);
Direct X Compatible Video Card

RECOMMENDED: AMD, Celeron, or Pentium® II 400 MHZ, 64 MB Memory
Installation Insert CD into the CD-Rom drive. Auto-play will start the CD, then press Yes to install.
If CD does not Auto-Play:
Double-click on My Computer, then double-click on your CD-ROM Drive.

Double-click on the setup file called Bingo, and follow the on-screen instructions.
ISBN / Bar Code number 1-59150-210-1 / 7 81735 80303 5
Video Format 4:3 / Full screen
Audio Format Stereo
Disk/CD Count One (1) CD
Language(s) English
Genre Gaming
Rated E - Everyone
Region NTSC
Specification Color
Developer Phantom EFX, Inc.
Company TOPICS Entertainment (www.topics-ent.com)
Product Number CS-303 (????)
Game Release 2003
Copyright © 2002 Phantom EFX. All Rights Reserved. It is illegal to re-create, sub-license, or transfer any part of the software, code, graphics, and or concepts.

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© 2002 Phantom EFX. All Rights Reserved. It is illegal to re-create, sub-
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