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"Las Vegas HD Video Tour" Review (Posted on 07-09-2018)


If my late grandmother were to still be here, she'd be very proud of this Blu-ray. She lived her entire retired life in Las Vegas and knew the city inside out. Being that this is a rare Blu-ray, the simple presention would have her reminded how amazing the city of lights is. I'm also sure this would have impressed travel hosts like Huell Howser as well (he actually hosted and released an episode about this exploration in Las Vegas).

THIS is what a travel/tour Blu-ray should be: Uninterrupted shots of the entire place, the animated lights, along with classical background music. There are no voiceovers nor are there any texts on the screen. It's all just enjoying the lovely shots of the city, namely The Strip, Downtown Las Vegas and then Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon included.

Las Vegas HD Video Tour Blu-ray menu

The Strip #1, #2 and #3 start with a shot of the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Then are shots of the following: Tropicana, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, New York New York and MGM Grand, ending with the back of the Welcome sign saying Drive Carefully Come Back Soon.

Next batch of shots are Paris, Bally's, The Mirage, Caesar's Palace, Barbary Coast, Flamingo, Harrah's, Treasure Island and The Bellagio. All that is followed by The Venetian (including the gondola), The Frontier, Wynn, Stratosphere, Circus Circus, Sahara, the Fashion Mall, Riviera and Rio. You do hear a little chit chat when the shots of the Sahara and their roller coaster ride were presented.

Next are various shots of Downtown Las Vegas including shots of Golden Nugget, Fremont, 4 Queens, Fitzgerald's and more. Including is the famous Viva Vision Light Show which was amazing.

To wrap up the tour, there are images of Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon and Grand Canyon. The Bonus video is very much a time-lapse of The Strip.

Injected with the video are images played to blend in the shots of Vegas. I would've like to see video and nothing but video. Same with the tour of Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon as they were very much slideshows. Perhaps the videographers were not able to get the approval of filming on specific locations, as I'm sure those places have prohibited filming by now (they may have had more than enough production crews visiting in, wanting to shoot film in their facilities). Whatever the reason, it would've been nice to see actual video as opposed to pictures.

The 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign.
Shot of the Las Vegas Strip with Paris and Planet Hollywood over yonder.
Beautiful shot of The Venetian.
Night shot of Golden Nugget.

As for the video, it was edited in a very simple way. Nothing complex or high-budgeted graphics or animation, as it's just pure presentation. The sound effects of the casino was also a nice touch. I feel calm whenever I hear the slot machine music of someone pressing the "SPIN" button; The sound effects of the Big Six wheel spinning was also another nice touch. Digitally, this was shot in 1080i60, though I felt some video shots were in 1080p30. Video was compressed and finalized in the MPEG-1/2 (mpgv) format. Not a very common compression especially for Blu-rays but this is a rare instance. The audio is digitized used the AC3 format, 48000 Hz at 32 bits per sample.

Speaking of audio, this Blu-ray has subtitles. Being that there isn't any spoken dialogue, I found it a strange addition to this Blu-ray but it's there if you need it!

The music and presentation of this Blu-ray makes this the perfect suggestion to public television! If you or anyone you know works for public television, regardless of region or even Vegas PBS, this is a great feature to air! If scheduled programming ended early or are looking to fill out the empty slots, I recommend this one.

With all that's been said, and because travel Blu-rays and DVDs are often priced at pocket change, either this Blu-ray is out of print or in high demand. Regardless, this is something I'd play on my TV, on repeat/loop, just enjoying the sights and music every Friday nights at home. In other words, eye candy in the house with nice music after a long week of working is a big recommendation for those who want to cozy in. It's worth getting this, despite the shots of Vegas being out-dated (shots dating back to 2009).

While we can let the discrepancies slide, I still enjoyed this Blu-ray. HUGE thanks to Sharpresolution for an excellent yet simple release! Granted, not all travel/tour Blu-rays and DVDs follow this same format—a reason why we review them—however, this is how I personally feel travel Blu-rays should be: No interruption while I enjoy the sights and colors of the presentation. That format may bore some but it's a thrilling time for me, proving that there's something to behold with travel Blu-rays.

Highly recommended! Now if only a production company can produce and release a Las Vegas video tour in 4K....

(This review is for you, Grandma.)

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Title Las Vegas HD Video Tour
Description The HD Video Tour includes exciting footage of all the famous sites and landmarks of Las Vegas and features a full-length soundtrack with music and sound effects.

Includes: Casinos and attractions along the strip, downtown light show, desert landscapes, aerial photography of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.
ISBN / Bar Code number 8 92220 00063 8
HD Video Format 1.78:1 (16:9) / Widescreen / 1080i
Audio Format Dolby Digital Stereo
Disc Count One (1)
Language(s) English
Genre Travel
Subtitles English, French, German, Spanish & Japanese
Rated --
Region Region 1 - NTSC
Specification Color
Features [MAIN MENU]: PLAY ALL SCENES (1. The Strip #1, 2. The Strip #2, 3. The Strip #3, 4. Downtown, 5. All the Rest, 6. Bonus), [CREDITS & INFO], [SUBTITLES]
Production Sharpresolution LLC
Company Sharpresolution LLC
Blu-ray Product Number ????
Closed Captioning --
Blu-ray Release 2009 (????)
Run Time 40 minute video

Menu - 01:00, The Strip #1 - 06:31, The Strip #2 - 0:12:29, The Strip #3 - 07:42, Downtown - 04:34, All the Rest - 05:52, Bonus - 02:27.

Total time: 0:40:35
Copyright ©2009 Sharpresolution LLC, PO Box 156921, San Francisco CA 94115
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Location subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish & Japanese

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